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Time to Prove the Existence of God

I bow to all the seekers of truth.

We have to realize that there’s something gone wrong with humanity. We have come to a level of awareness, which is a human awareness, which understands many more things than animals can understand. Like a horse can pass through a dirty lane but a human being cannot pass through that. We have developed lots of sensitivities after becoming a human being. We have a sense of beauty, we have a sense of creativity, of music, of architecture, everything that surrounds us, we’re aghast to see what human beings can do.

On the other side you see a terrible vacuum, as if the world has reached its doom. What has gone wrong within ourselves or without, it is high time for us to find out. This beautiful hall is created out of a human mind, so beautifully done, every detail worked out because the artist wanted to give something great to human beings for their happiness, for their joy. But this tree of life grew too big outside and the roots inside have not grown. Unless and until we know about our roots and grow them to their source of joy we cannot continue anymore. This is the knowledge of the roots. This knowledge existed in India since long and also is expressed in most of the religions. They all have hinted at it. Like in the Bible it is said:

‘I’ll appear before you like tongues of flames’.

In the Koran it is described as Asas and the very few first lines say that unless and until you are connected with God and God descends upon you, if you start talking about God you’ll do all kinds of cruel and horrible things. This explains why we find the people who call themselves religious are getting exposed today and also we are finding how they are nowhere near religion. Any religion you take today, that can be Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Sikh, they all have become fanatics and the level of their personality is so low that they are worse than many thieves. That means religion has not given any glory to them, no beauty to them, no righteousness, no virtues. Then a common person gets surprised and shocked, what is this, did we all get it wrong? What has happened, where did we make the mistake? The mistake is that we have to get the connection of the Divine.

I verily say that there is God, God exists and His all pervading power is all over, no doubt about it that there is God but the time has to come to prove the existence of God, that time has come now to prove the existence of God. The all-pervading power of God which is His desire is talked about in all the Scriptures but people have not felt that before, they have never known it, they have been just talking about it, talk and talk and talk. Whether it was about the formless God or God with forms.

Now this is the mechanism within us which works out our Self Realization. It is related of course to the gross side also and can be explained, all these centers are expressed outside as plexuses which doctors know very well, but that’s only on the physical side. These centers represent our physical being, our mental being, our emotional being, our spiritual being and there is a path kept absolutely free for the ascent of the power that is the Kundalini. Now the Kundalini is the word, comes from the word kundala, means coils, that’s all.

This Kundalini is the power of pure desire within us. This is described as the Holy Ghost in the Christian religion but if you ask any priest what is the Holy Ghost, he’ll say I’m agnostic, I don’t know what is the Holy Ghost is. Holy Ghost is the desire of God and when reflected within us it is the Kundalini. The primal Holy Ghost is reflected within us as Kundalini and in our heart is reflected the Spirit which is the reflection of God Almighty.

A very long way has taken for our evolution, if Adam and Eve had listened to God it would have been much easier but you know how human beings are, they want to know by difficult ways and learn by experience. It has taken so long for us to become human beings but evolution has not stopped because we have not got our purpose. We are still at a relative relationship, we don’t understand anything in absolute manner, that is why there is a chaos. It has to work out in such a way that all of us should know the same truth, there cannot be two truths, there has to be one and in this evolution whatever you have gained has been felt on your central nervous system and that’s very important. Just by saying I believe in Mother or I believe in God, I believe in such person or believe in that person is your ego and your extension that’s all. If you say you believe in someone it is just a blind faith, what did you get by that belief, did you get something on your central nervous system? We have to face it very squarely, face ourselves and ask ourselves did I feel God or all- pervading power on my central nervous system?

The Ruh that is described in the Indian shastras(scriptures) it is written "saleelum saleelum", described very clearly. That is like a slow cool breeze, where is that? If you have not yet felt it then you are not yet connected with the Divine and this connection has to be established. There is no need to feel bad about it if you have not known so far, that’s not to feel even upset about it, it’s your right to get it. That is what sahaja is, sahaja means born with you, it’s your right, it’s your birthright to get this Realization and all of you who are human beings have to become yogis, have to become the people who are realized souls. As they say in Koran (…….unclear). Unless and until we become that we cannot understand God, we cannot understand Bible, we cannot understand Koran, we cannot understand Gita. In different ways, in different manners all of them have tried to tell us that you have to get connected to God. Like somebody certifies that I am now a person who is a realized soul. What’s the use of such a certificate? Have you stopped making mistakes, have you become righteous person, have you become virtuous like Christ, are you beyond temptations now, are you a satisfied soul, no. Why, because the power of Spirit is not in our consciousness, the love of the Kundalini is not in our consciousness. That is our own property, that’s our own.

This Kundalini is the mother of you as an individual and she’s loved you all her life. All her life has been much more that yours because she has taken birth with you many a times and she’s recorded all your past and she’s just waiting for a chance, for a moment so that you could get your Realization which is the real baptism. Not an artificial one that I just put hand on your head and say now you are alright, that’s not the way. It has to work out in a way that this Kundalini which is a natural process of evolutionary process, please understand there’s nothing artificial about it, has to rise and pierce through your fontanel bone area to give you Realization . It’s like sprouting a seed, it’s that natural. Of course in the olden times there were very few people who got Realization, very few, I would say that time the tree of life was just growing there were very few flowers, but today it’s a blossom time I believe and also I’ve discovered a method somehow with great meditative efforts, an effort by which thousands can get Realization and once you get Realization you can give Realization to others.

Once you get this power within you, you can cure others. Once you get this power within yourself you are absolutely at peace with yourself. Your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual being is completely integrated. Apart from that, it’s not like a mother who gives some chocolate on top of the caster oil, I’m telling you the truth. Apart from that, you don’t know the realm of God. The realm of God is so efficient, so kind and so great and so miraculous that’s there’s no end to its description, you have to just feel it and see for yourself how God has been kind to you, how His compassion and love is showered upon you and how you get your transformation into a personality which is so sure, so confident yet so humble.

It’s such a beautiful thing that is happening and I must say Australia is not lagging behind. When I came first to Australia I was not very sure about Australians, but gradually now I feel Australians are people very much better than many others. There’s something about them, some sort of an innocence that is within them that tells them that this is wrong, this is bad, we have to take something that is sensible. There’s some sort of a wisdom, wisdom of the deity of the innocence that they have that they know that we have to get to it.

I’ve had very good Australian children and I hope to have more here. This is how we have to change the world, we cannot change by giving lectures on peace or having demonstrations against atom bomb and all that. If there is no peace within the human mind what’s the use of talking of peace? Even those who are working in peace foundations I have seen them, they are fighting among themselves for who will be the president of the peace foundation. All such stupid things happening in the name of peace, in the name of God, in the name of religion. These are all some sort of forms people have invented to sell their goods perhaps, but these are artificial and people will discover it very soon. Now they’re all getting exposed, one by one they are all to be exposed. When the light of truth comes in, all of them get exposed and the truth shines through but if the truth is not accepted then it breaks through and it breaks through it destroys quite a lot of things which could have been saved.

My request to you is that keep an open mind like a scientist. It is a new knowledge for you or maybe you might say that it is from India. It is not but you may say so. So India has learned so much from you, your sciences, there’s no harm in learning something from India also for a change. For this you cannot pay, you cannot pay, this is a living process. Even one thing if you apply to all these professionals that we cannot pay for God, all of them disappear. Now you cannot put in any effort also. Some people say I’m trying, I’m trying, there’s nothing to try.

It’s a living process which works out automatically which will give you Realization. So there is no need to try for anything. We became human beings without any effort, did we try any efforts to become human beings? Nothing, just one fine morning we find we are human beings from monkeys. In the same way it doesn’t require any efforts but it does require a humble attitude, a desire, because Kundalini is the pure desire as I told you, all other desires are not pure because when that desire is fulfilled you don’t want anything. You are so satisfied with yourself.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


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