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From Krishna to Christ

Today I wanted to tell you about the Agya chakra, about Jesus Christ who adorns this center of Agya chakra, where you see the red mark. Behind that, inside, in the brain on the crossing of the optic chiasm is this subtle center where this great Deity is placed. Through His crucifixion and through His Resurrection, he has created this space for us to enter into the Kingdom of God, which is placed within us. Is not in without, is the limbic area that surrounds your ego and superego. In the Puranas, in the ancient scriptures of India, Christ is described so very clearly. Actually in the Bible what they saw of Him when He was on this Earth was written down. But nothing what created Him, how He came on this Earth what is the spirit of Christ, what is the seat of Christ and how He came and what is His purpose and where does He stand within us. All these things are not described in the Bible as I told you the people at that time were not at all aware of His greatness, of His special Incarnation.

But if you read some of these ancient books you’ll find that He was called as Mahavishnu in the Devi Purana, in the Goddess Purana, is the ancient scripture of the Goddess. Mahavishnu was created immaculately. Now when we say that Christ always pointed out this finger is very significant. Actually this, this means Vishuddhi chakra and means also America. But this also means Vishuddhi chakra stands for Shri Krishna as I told you and He is the Primordial Being, and He is the epitome of our evolution in the sense that He is the Primordial Being who is the Father, who is the preserver. Now in the Puranas He is described that His power was Radha, Radha. Sanskrit language is absolutely very scientific as far as the Divine Laws are concerned. Ra means the energy, dha means the one that sustains. [SANSKRIT TALK] She is the one who sustains the energy and She was His power. But in India Krishna is never taken as Krishna Radha but Radha Krishna. The energy is before the deity. The lady is before the gentleman, we can say. Radha Krishna.

Now this special happening took place long time back. This is at the stage of Vaikunta as we call it, at the stage where nothing existed as far as this world was concerned. At different stages it came up. We see the world in such a way that it was created in seven days, but actually these are seven stages in when this whole Universe was created and we are at the seventh stage, we can say. Now at the first Vaikunta stage where it was all decided, how to work it out the creation of this great personality, of the Son of God, the greatest of all, the Adhara, the support of the universe, this Mahavishnu. So Radha, She’s Mahalakshmi, She is the central path. First She created Him in the Vaikunta stage. And at that stage She decided that She’ll create It by Herself this great Incarnation and She created this Mahavishnu. I would like you to get the translation of the description of Mahavishnu and also the description of Ganesha who is the Spirit of Christ and who incarnated in this, on this earth as our Lord Jesus Christ.

So we have here an Incarnation, a very special one, which was conceived thousands and thousands of years back at this level where it’s only the activity of the God’s mind was there, Vaikunta stage, where it was decided that this power called Radha will conceive Him in Her heart. And She conceived Him in Her heart. And then He was made like an egg. See the symbolism of Easter, like an egg. Can you recognize it? People knew about it somehow. Why do we have Easter, eggs? We never think about it. He was created like an egg out of which the half of it was kept as the seed, as Shri Ganesha, as the Spirit, and a half of it was created as Jesus Christ. The whole egg was nothing but the egg of this Divine power, which has to manifest this Divine power on this Earth.

This story is very beautiful, how She created and then He asked: “Who is my Father?” Radha is nobody else but Mother Mary Herself. She is Mahalakshmi. People may say that they can’t believe in immaculate birth of Christ. They cannot believe in the conception of Christ. I mean you it’s easy for people to say:” We don’t believe.” What do they know about God? What do they know about His mysterious ways of doing it? Can you say how you convert or you transform a flower into a fruit? You don’t know anything about living miracles and you start doubting the Immaculate Conception. Here, when you got your Realization I conceived you in My heart and gave you Realization through My Sahastrara. How did you get your Realization? You never thought of it. Is an impossibility. Thousands of people are getting Realization. How is it possible? There must be something special about Me and about the way it is done. In the same way She conceived and gave Him the birth through Her uterus.

You can move it anywhere on your central system. And this great Incarnation came on this Earth with such a special purpose that He was nothing but Pranava, is the, this integrated power, this great power which has all the powers in it: the Iccha Shakti, the Prana Shakti and the Dharma Shakti is the central path, all of these put together. He was nothing but energy, energy put into an egg because He had to do a very great job. So this Radha Herself, this Mahalakshmi, this Mother Mary conceived this child and to name Him after Krishna who was the Father. She called Him Christ. Christ come from the word … In Indian language is, we call Him Krist, Krishna. Krishna means the one who has sown the seed. He is the Father. He points out always to the Father. But in the Puranas it is described that Krishna said: “You are higher than Me. I placed You higher than Me”. He placed Him, you can imagine that Christ is at this point and Krishna is at this point. He placed higher Him than Him and He said: “In anywhere people worship Me – Shri Krishna said – automatically You are worshipped. You will be the support, Adhara, of the whole world.”

Is wonderful to say that about I think 14000 years or 12000 years back, Markandeya, such a great saint was born in India. And he has written the complete Ganesha Stotram, means the complete praise of Ganesha. You can see the translation is so beautiful and that he said:”You’ll be so humble”. He is the one who is the ninth Incarnation called as Bautha among the ten Incarnations. That He will be so humble that He will wash the feet of His disciples. All the miracles of Christ are described in these books. But these books are not translated. And that He will be the one, when enlightened within you with the Kundalini, He will take away all your karmas and all your conditionings because He will die for your sins, for your karmas. The world will not have to suffer anymore, if He is awaken within you. These are all the things already written, thousands of years back. Can you imagine? I wish the Christians who went from here to take, explain Christianity to Indians told them that Mahavishnu is already born and we are preaching about Him, the One who is going to suck your conditioning, the One who is going to suck all your problems of karmas. They never told. On the contrary, they were so stupid, I must tell you, that they would put a loaf in a well and say that: “You all have become Christians because we have put the meat of the beef, the beef inside the well”. Indians don’t eat beef, you see. “So you all have become Christians”. Villages after villages they converted into Christianity. They started branding them as Christians. This was absurd. And that’s why the people were waiting and waiting for the Advent of Christ.

His name Christ comes from the word Krishna, Krist, and the second one is Jesus. Krishna had a foster mother whom Radha loved very much. Her name was Yeshoda, we also call her as [Jesoda, Jeshoda]. Christ is called also as [Yesu, Yeshu] in India. The short form of [Jesoda, Jeshoda] is [Yesu, Yeshu] or [Jeshu, Jesu] we have both the things. From there the name Jesus has come. She wanted to name Her after the foster mother because she was a lady so she was called as [Jeshoda, Jesoda] but for a man She selected the name [Yesu, Yeshu] and [Jeshu, Jesu]. Moreover the word [Jeshu, Jesu] or [Yeshu, Yesu] is very important. “J” in Sanskrit language means, every word has a meaning in Sanskrit language, means to know, is to know, the knowledge, Gyana. [SANSKRIT TALK]. The one who knows. But [Jeshu, Jesu] [“shu”, “su”] means auspicious. [“Shu”, “Su”] means “that brings auspiciousness, that brings blessings”. Jeshu is the one who knows how to bring auspiciousness on this Earth. People never told this, they never knew who went from here with the message that Christ was born.

At the time when Christ came on this Earth with this big message that somebody has to pass through this special problem. Now let’s see why the problem was there. We have to understand the problem that faced human beings at that subtle level where they had to work out this special, a very extraordinary Incarnation. The problem was that human beings had raised their heads. By raising their heads their ego and superego grew up around their limbic area, making it a very hard shell, just like an egg. A man developed his I-ness and only way to transform him into a bird, like an egg breaks up into a bird, was to make the Kundalini rise.

But how to make that compact stuff where it is crossing, crossable, which can be crossed over, which can be passed through. So they had to create this special Incarnation, which is nothing but Pranava, the Aum, the Logos as you call it, the sound of the All Pervading Power. To be put at a place where nothing but the power itself can remain, because anybody else, all other Incarnations who came on this Earth had all the five elements within them. But He was just the power, the energy, the complete energy. He didn’t have, for example we all human beings are made of five elements on the right hand side as I told you, and when we die the part that is our body, means one of the five koshas, as they call the cocoons of the body which is the matter, falls off. Then the water cocoon also falls off and the soul remains with the Spirit on your head and the Kundalini also there. But He was the only One who had no earth element in it. And so it was a very special type of an energy engulfed, engulfed into a human being was placed.

Krishna has said about the eternal life and about the Spirit. In Sanskrit language is very beautiful because it’s a mantra: “Nainam chidanti shastrani, nainam dahati pavakah, na chainam kledayantya apo, na shosayati marutah.” Means it cannot be killed by anyone, the Spirit cannot be killed. It is eternal. You cannot crush it. It cannot be flown out by any wind. And He had to prove it and to prove that they had to have somebody here, on this Earth, with that energy to come in, with a body, to act like a human being, live like a human being and go through that drama of death to show that He overcomes the death. The Resurrection is our message, that He resurrects Himself. He had to die and He had to be resurrected because He says that it is beyond death. Krishna has said that the Spirit is beyond death. And the Spirit had to come on this Earth. So you understand when we talk of Christ how little we know as to how this worked out. Is the most difficult thing that he did. And His Mother was the Mahalakshmi, is the power, which is the central power of sustenance, pure sustenance, pure holiness, pure innocence. Such a powerful woman She was, very powerful. And Himself is endowed with, you won’t believe, with eleven powers of Rudra, means of destruction, eleven powers of Rudra. He’s Ekadasha Rudra. Is described, all that is described, I’m not telling it as My own. You can see for yourself. He was endowed with eleven powers of destruction. But He was to go through all this, with all the humility. When you have all these powers with you and when egoistical people behave like this, these donkeys, you see, who could not understand Him, these brainless people in those days, who could not believe Him, He could have destroyed all of them in one [SHOT, SHUT]. Absolutely He has got eleven Rudras. You can imagine His destructive powers, with which He is going to come back. And He had to keep them in control. But He didn’t say about His Mother much, because She was the power and if He had said so, then they would have directed, these negative forces would have directed all their attention towards Her and then He would have used all these eleven powers and the whole drama would have been failed. So He kept quiet on that.

My father, as I told you, was a learned man and a very great soul and [WE] used to discuss about these things and I said: “Martin Luther, who was a Realized soul, when he started his new movement of Protestants, why did he not enhance the glory of the Mother?” As the Catholics knew, because Catholics just followed after Christ so it linked about with them. My father told Me that at that time Martin Luther faced three forces against him. First one was the Christians themselves, the Catholics, who believed in nunneries and all kinds of ritualism and all kinds of nonsense, which he wanted to flout, then he had another force, which was facing and that one was the one that came from the Jews because they would not accept Him. Even today they don’t accept Him. They are very adamant. And the third force that he had to face was the Islam, Islamic. And the Islam pleaded down the role of a woman though Fatima Herself was the Holy Ghost, is the Mahakali power, the daughter of Mohammad. But he pleaded down just because the Islam had pleaded down he thought gradually as Protestants will grow up, he will start introducing the greatness of His Mother. As it is Jews even today are after the Immaculate Conception.

In London, very recently, I think about two years back, as they have money they paid some of the newspapers and published something nonsensical about Christ. They said that it was predicted in the Bible that a child will be born to a girl, but it was not a virgin, the Hebrew word, as it is, is for the girl and not a virgin. I said: “In those days, we didn’t have girls of 18 80 years as we have today”. Even in India today if you say a girl, a [KANYA,] means a virgin, [KANYA] and virgin is the same, means the Virgo. Modern times are funny. We can’t judge Christ style Christ’s time according to modern times. Even you find a woman who is married ten times they’ll call her a girl here. But one should logically understand this point. Is very logical. But if it was to be said that a prophecy means something special, that a child would be born to a girl, of course it is going to be born to a girl and not to a boy. And why was the girl word? It is going to be born to a woman. If it is to a woman it is nothing special. What is there to prophesize and say about it? Is so logical that when the word girl came in it meant the virgin. All kind of things they are talking, doesn’t matter.

First of all they say that our, we have to suffer till our Saviour comes because Christ didn’t suffer for them. So they are suffering. Now, we have to know that Christ has suffered for us absolutely to the brim. We don’t have to suffer anymore. Is a nonsensical idea coming from people who are sadistic, who have no joy in themselves. They cannot see you happy. And that’s why also they make Christ look like a TB patient, I should say. I went to the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo was a realized soul, a great person. He has done complete justice to the image of Christ. Huge big thing like a, we can say, a Texas fellow standing with a Lambodara, with a big stomach of this kind is described. Ganesha is Lambodara. Standing there throwing people right and left. Just see the words, how He has spoken. He was not a cabbage like person, He was extremely dynamic, He was full of vigour, He was absolutely fearless. He had nothing to fear. And He’s standing there and throwing people to the left and the right and the right ones is accepting them and putting them in the Kingdom of Heaven. Just imagine! It is Michelangelo is the only person who has really done justice to Him and I would say Rubens because of his habits of painting the muscles, he’s done a very beautiful painting, I saw, is in the place where he lives, of the ascent and descent of Christ. Beautiful, one of the best one could think.

Nowhere miseries written on His face. Such people do not feel the misery. They just watch the drama. They don’t suffer. Because of taking up your sufferings it took it upon Himself and He showed to the world that: “Now I ask forgiveness from My Father”. He stood as a representative of all the seekers of the world before His Father who is a wrathful Father. I told you Shri Krishna has a Samara Shakti and worse than that is the witness God whom we call as Sadashiva. He is only there when He has to destroy. And He asks as your representative: “O Father, please, forgive them”. He asks for forgiveness, facing His own Father as your representative that: “Please, forgive them”. This is the greatest weapon He has given us, to forgive. That’s one thing none of the Christian nations are doing, is to forgive. Perhaps people have not known the power of love. They do not. They talk. God is love. Just talk, talk, talk, talk. If God is love then love must be the most powerful thing.

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