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Holy Ghost is Kundalini

Actually people don’t know anything about Holy Ghost and we didn’t give Christ much chance to speak about it. He could only speak for three and a half years, is nothing. I can tell you three and a half years in this land anywhere in the whole world it’s so difficult even to convince four people that they have to seek the truth, it’s very difficult. Especially in the land where He was born. It was full of ignorance, complete ignorance. And in that ignorance to speak about realization, to speak about second birth, even to speak about God was so difficult. And He was just crucified for nothing at all, today we may have big organizations in His name but when He lived nobody listened to Him and they crucified Him. He talked about Holy Ghost but this Holy Ghost had been interpreted by people in various ways. They’ve never been able to say what is this Holy Ghost but logically you can come to some conclusion yourselves because you’re all intelligent people.

We talk about the Father, all right, and then the Son. Have you heard of a father producing a son? You have to have the Mother. It’s the Mother who creates the Son. Now why this Holy Ghost was kept as a secret, never talked about it because Christ was afraid – not afraid but was cautious I should say, because such people are never afraid of anything. He was cautious to talk about His Mother because if they had harmed His Mother by any chance, then He had eleven powers of destruction and the destruction of world would have come much earlier than today. He had to play the whole drama of His crucifixion and that’s how He had to go through all that.

In that process He didn’t want to involve His Mother. He didn’t want to explain about Holy Ghost and He knew that it will be later on explained. But logically we must understand what is this Holy Ghost we are talking about? [A dove?] All right, it’s peace. How do you get to the peace? Supposing it is the symbol of peace. Today we see in the world we see these televisions and we hear, we read newspapers and we are shattered and so much of friction, so much of sin. People are not even worried about what they are doing, to what extent human beings can go you can see the way a three year-old child was molested, the innocence is attacked like this. Why? Why human beings cannot control their desires which are so devilish? Why there is so much of friction in this world? We have to think about it and we must also think positively what we can do about it.

Now at the same time there are so many seekers of truth born on this earth. This is the special time and that’s why they are born on this earth. But they are misled, they go to wrong people, they get identified with wrong people.

When I came here, the person who is organizing Sahaja Yoga here told Me that, “Mother, they come, they get their Realization and then they disappear, they start doubting.”

I said, “That’s a good sign, it’s a healthy sign.”

Let them doubt because the way they jump into all these horrible things like gurus and this and that, the way they accept as if they have no personality, they have no discretion. The way they jump into even drugs I don’t know, what happens that we have lost all our personality. They took to any fashion, to any nonsense so easily and to reality with such difficulty. We have lost our discretion that’s what it is, but doesn’t matter whatever it is use your brains. Understand that this world is not created to be destroyed. You’re not created out of amoeba just to be destroyed by something nonsensical like drug(s) or some sort of a guru; nobody has right to destroy you. They cannot create you and they cannot destroy you, nor you have any right to destroy yourself because you cannot create yourself, the one who is your Creator, the one who has loved you who has so beautifully made this beautiful human life is responsible. He is the one who is so earnest about it that you should get your realization, that you should get your second birth, that you should be baptized in the real sense of the word.

I agree religions have shown funny things, some thing so absurd that one can start doubting their credibility. I admit that, but that is the mistake of human beings not of the divine. Divine created beautiful flowers on the same tree of life time and time again but when the people plucked these flowers and said, “These are mine, these are mine.” They became dead and ugly and they are fighting now in the name of God, in the name of religion. Imagine, how can you do such merciless, horrible, brutal things to other human beings but this must shatter you, this must make you understand and you should be aware.

Get out of your sleep now and know that you are the people who are seekers. You have to be more aware, more understanding of your responsibility.


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