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Vibrations is the manifestation of the Spirit. But it is a very vague way of expressing it. Now if there’s a nice flame before me, this candle has been enlightened. Now what does it do? It gives you light. Alright, but how does it give you light? By throwing light towards you, by emitting light. It is the emitting, of pulsation from the Self. This light, this is light. Actually there is sound, there is light; very high frequency sound – very high frequency. Actually many types of sounds are mixed in. There’s is magnetism in this, in these vibrations. It has all the five elements -the subtle of all the five elements (tanmatras) inside these vibrations only. They are talking, they are telling you, they are guiding you, they are helping you. It’s because the Spirit is working through them. Like this light that you take in your hand: you go in the darkness, and you see that there is an impediment in between [and] you have to cross it. So you get the idea with this light. The light is doing that for you.


So, when the Spirit pulsates in your conscious mind, in your conscious mind, then it is a Self-realized personality. But in the unconscious it is there, all the time working. Actually the Spirit Itself comes out. It’s as big as your thumb is. But you can contain your thumb in your heart. That is the reflection of the God Almighty within us, because heart receives that image within itself, it is pulsating and is emitting the Knowledge through our unconscious. Spirit is an unconscious being till we are realized. Once we are realized it becomes conscious, it starts emitting itself and pulsating. And what is Spirit? Is God Almighty Himself, in a miniature form, which is reflected within us. The more we clean our heart, which represents all the seven chakras within us. There are seven auras around our heart. All the seven chakras which are here in the Sahastrara(7th chakra) the seats are there, and all the seven chakras that are there, within us, have seven auras around our heart and when all of them are clear-cut, absolutely clear, pure, integrated then the complete emission starts, of those vibrations.

They are much more than I can explain because, say, the other day, a lady was writing a letter to me and she was saying that, “Mother I am so sorry. I have my accommodation problem is at the climax…” and, very frustrating letter you see, to begin with and absolutely as if she was going to be doomed, the way she was writing it! And, I mean, such a trivial thing like that, but she was very concerned because she didn’t know where to go. And first half of the letter was like that. Second half was this that, “Mother, just now I have received a letter from the authorities that they have allotted me a very beautiful place” in such and such place!!Now, I would say this is all vibrations because it is All-pervading now, and you become one with the All-pervading Power so how it helps! Because when she was writing to me, the vibrations were feeling it, what she was writing from the paper, so they communicated to the All-pervading Power. And as the Angels, or you can say the Deities, also, can understand and they must have thought, “Why bother Mother with all this nonsense, better give her the letter as soon as possible, finish it off!” So in the second letter she says, “I’m such a fool to write this but I must write to you to give you the night and the day of my life.” So she wrote to me. So, it can work out that way, that quick.

So the vibrations are actually the things which are the doers and the enjoyers. They are the one, who enjoy, also, if they find a very good Self-realised soul coming. Then you just feel the Self-realised soul and you say, “Oh very good. Come along, come along. Just have it” Everybody starts enjoying that joy that’s coming from that person. And that is what it is, that you start enjoying that beauty in that person through the vibrations. It’s a multi-dimensional thing – though it looks so simple, that you are feeling in the hand, that’s all. So it is a multi-dimensional thing just like the God Almighty. And, for your information, it is only He does everything. So only the vibrations work out everything. We really do not do anything whatsoever – [if we think we do] we are living in a fool’s paradise! For example, a tree dies and you chain it over and make a nice seat for me to sit down – so what? Tree is dead and you make a seat and you say, “Oh, we have built this, we have done that!” Nothing! What do you do? Can you sprout even a small, little seed? You cannot.

But these vibrations only, which connect you with the All-pervading Power, which are part of the All-pervading power, these pervading Almighty’s eyes, you can say – they are the ones who look after each and every minute thing in this whole world. Can you think of such a multi-dimensional thing? Now you have seen how vibrations work on people, how they dissolve even the thick bones and how they bring out the Kundalini here and how you see the softness on your head. Just you cannot explain how, because they only do everything.


They have the universal communication centres and they have universal broadcasting stations, they have universal TV centres there. Everything is there. In short, you just copy them a little bit and you think you are doing something but you really don’t do anything whatsoever. That’s why it is said that Brahma – this is the expression of Brahma, these vibrations are the Brahma – is the only Truth, the rest is all avidya, is all a maya, is just an illusion. We live in illusions you see. He is the Enjoyer, He is the Doer, you are just in between to see Him. It would be like this mic (microphone) thinking that he’s giving the lecture of Sahaja Yoga – it’s really like that!!

So to explain what is vibrations may not be so simple in all its details. But the overall idea I have given to you. 

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