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Photographs with Vibrations

Because the Kundalini is so subtle, it cannot normally be seen with the naked eye. But there arephotographs which have captured the vibrations, appearing as lights of different colors coming from Shri Mataji or out of the fontanelle bone area of Sahaja Yogis (persons who practice Sahaja Yoga).


 These are all manifestations of the All Pervading Power of Divine Love which does all living work and which is reflected in us as Kundalini. As Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi says, "All work is done by Nature. You cannot even sprout a seed into a flower. Nature does all the living work. Man only does dead work."


After Self Realization, we become connected with this All Pervading Power which we can feel as a cool breeze in our palms (click here to receive your Self Realization through a short meditation in front of your screen). Through specific techniques of Sahaja Yoga meditation, we learn how to use it for the benefit of the individual (by directing it to our chakras) and the society as a whole. For more free information on the practical aspects of how to use this energy, please contact the center nearest you.


Out of at least hundreds of such photographs taken on many occasions around the world, a few are shown below:


Vibrations emitting out from Shri Mataji's body while giving self realization


Collective meditation in a seminar.


Vibrations showing on top of the head while raising the kundalini behind.


Beautiful vibrations gushing out in a program in the presence of Shri Mataji


Vibrations emitting from her photograph


A beautiful sun shaped vibrations on Shri Mataji's forehead


Rays of vibrations falling on Shri Mataji


Vibrations showing the shape of Sahasrara chakra emitting from Shri Mataji


Shri Mataji's photo emitting vibrations in a collective gathering.

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