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These are the Mantra of Gayatri which teaches you the essences of all our Chakras ;‘Bhu’, ‘Bhurv’, ‘Swaha’.

‘Bhu’ stands for the essence or the ‘Bija’ of the ‘Mooladhara’;

‘Bhuv’ for the universe that is created that is Swadisthana’s ‘Bija’;

‘Swaha’ is the ‘Bija’ of the Nabhi;

‘Manah’ is the essence of the Heart Chakra.

Then, ‘Janah’ is the people, collectivity, is the essence or the ‘Bija’ of the Vishuddhi Chakra.

Then,  ‘Tapah’ is the one where you go into ‘tapasya’, into renunciation, into hardships – is the essence of the Agnya Chakra.

And then the ‘Satya’ is the truth, is the essence of the Sahastrara – not the truth that we think as truth, but the truth that is expressed in our central nervous system. So, this is discovered at the seventh stage of the Sahastrara.

"Your mantras are to be seen. Mantras are to be such that they should not be mechanical, just saying something mechanically. You should say it from your heart. Again, if you do not say mantras through your heart, the mantra is not siddha. Means you may go on saying one hundred times, it will have no effect. Siddha mantra is that, that you say, that it has an effect, it works. If it does not work, then your mantra has no meaning. 

There should be complete purity in the recitation of mantras to awaken the deities and your heart must be involved in it."

"What is a mantra? It is that power of the word that expresses Spirit. A mantra is nothing but a thought which is vibrated. Any thought that is vibrated is a mantra."        - Shri Mataji

Once our kundalini is connected to the all pervading power, the Spirit is also awakened. This is a spontaneous happening that takes place effortlessly in Sahaja Yoga. Furthermore the movement of the Kundalini creates waves of vibrations within our chakras giving birth to primordial sounds that have the power to sustain the state of our union with the spirit.


These sounds greatly help in opening our chakras even more and make a clear passage allowing more and more strands of Mother Kundalini to awaken and ascend higher. They carry a frequency that increase the flow of vibrations which in turn cure our chakras removing all imbalances and negativities leading to thoughtless awareness.


Now after getting self realization when we recite these sounds in meditation then it becomes a Mantra.

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