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Manju B, India

“I can feel the vibrations blowing out gently like wind on my hands and on top of my head. This is so real.”

Victoria H, PA

“Listening to Shri Mataji's talks has given me elevated states of meditation and awareness"

Paola S, RI

"Thank you for introducing Sahaja Yoga. It has made a big impact in my life"

Tripti G, MA

“I can never forget the first experience of my kundalini awakening. And how beautifully everything was explained about meditation .”

About Sahaja Yoga

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"Kundalini awakening is the only way to get your  Self Realization and your pure desire manifests as the cool breeze."


" You cannot know the meaning of life unless you are connected to the power that created you" 

"It is important for everyone to have that knowledge of the roots within ourselves. Sahaja Yoga allows the individual to become his own Spiritual Guide." 


--H.H.Shri Mataji, The Founder

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Meaning of Sahaja Yoga & Self Realization

Sahaja Yoga is the spontaneous union with your inner self, the spirit by the awakening of a residual energy present in every human being called Kundalini. This energy remains dormant and is found at the base of our spine in a triangular bone called the sacrum(Greek word which means Sacred) 

The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Sahaja is simple or easy and is usually used to describe anything that is spontaneous such as our breathing which needs no effort. Here, in this context we use it to define that vital energy which is born with you - saha is with and ja is born and Yoga in essence means to unite or connect


The actualization of this connection with the spirit in the form of a hot or a cool breeze flowing on the palms and finger tips or on top of the head is called as Self-Realization.


One can feel the all pervading divine power as described in all religions and spiritual traditions of the world. This is the actualization of such transformation, which is taking place now, worldwide, and has been proved and experienced by hundreds of thousands in over 90 countries.

Knowledge of the Roots

Just as a tree is nourished or healed by nourishing its roots - and not its individual branches or leaves, there exists within us a subtle system made of energy centers called Chakras and energy channels called Nadis which on the whole forms the root system of our existence.

Naturally for any healthy growth of a tree the roots need to be nourished, similarly we can say in order to nourish our subtle root system within us we need to awaken the Kundalini. Now after Self-Realization, the Kundalini starts rising upwards towards the top of our head and begins to nourish the chakras on its way by clearing any imbalances or blockages.


 As a result of this process we become Thoughtlessly Aware feeling peaceful and joyous from the inside. It works as a key to open all the hidden qualities with us that we might not have experienced before.

This unique discovery of H.H.Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga has brought genuine hope for a collective transformation of all human beings irrespective of their background, color or race. 

It is the next step in our collective evolution...

Through continuous practice of Sahaja Yoga, our awareness gains a new dimension which is absolute reality can be experienced on our central nervous system and our spiritual ascent takes place effortlessly leading to a more balanced self.

Furthermore we actualize that we are not this body, mind, ego, conditionings, emotions or intellect, but something of a more eternal nature residing in our heart in a pure, undisturbed state; the Spirit which is the source of true knowledge. H.H. Shri Mataji advocates, is the birthright of every human being.

 " It is your birthright to have your Self-Realization"


 - H.H. Shri Mataji


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