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Footsoaking for Cleansing Chakras

Lets first of all understand that all the chakras within us are made of five causal elements which are nothing but Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Ether or Sky. Now these elements within us tend to get tarnished or you can say get damaged due to our day to day activities mostly because of our thinking. For example you can think of a diamond which if its placed under lot of dust and dirt cannot shine but if you clean it properly and remove all the unwanted things, it starts to show its luster.


Similarly our chakras also due to our over activity, over planning or over thinking or even due to acceptance of wrong ideas can get damaged and can emit heat showing an imbalance on that chakra when the kundalini is awakened. Now this can be easily decoded on our fingertips or with the help of another sahaja yogi, by checking the state of the chakras. And most of these imbalances in chakras lead to our health problems, physical problems and also emotional problems.


Also if you have been to a wrong type of guru you will experience a block in your chakras. Now to overcome these blockages or impurities in our chakras we can use some cleansing techniques which help you to clear out easily after receiving your self-realization. 

Foot soaking helps relieve your energy centers of any catches or obstacles — they’re transferred to the water in which you soak your feet. 

How to Footsoak

Soaking your feet in salty water is a great way to clear all negativities from the chakras which in turn clear ourself of stress from the day, improve your health, and deepen the quality of your meditations. Do this after work or before bed, especially if you feel drained or find it difficult to fall asleep.

What you need:

~ A footsoaking bowl:  Get a plastic or metal bowl you can use only for soaking your feet. It should be deep enough so you can put your feet flat in it and cover them with water, and if you can cover your ankles too, that’s even better (since the ankles represent the vishuddhi, #5 chakra).

~ Salt:  Any kind natural salt will do, it doesn’t need to be sea salt.  For each footsoak you need a handful of salt.  Actually how much salt you put in is not important, but the water should be salty, since the salt helps to absorb our imbalances.

~ A pitcher or container you can use to pour clean water on your feet when finished.

~ A Towel/Cloth to dry your feet after rinsing your feet with fresh water


Water temperature:

  • Use hot water(not burning hot but as much as you can bear) if you are feeling less vibrations on left hand.

  • Use Cold water( as much as you can bear) if you are feeling hot vibrations or no vibrations on your right hand.

Doing the footsoak: 


  • Fill the tub with water and salt.

  • Sit on the chair with the photograph of Shri Mataji placed before you on a table and raise your kundalini and give yourself a bandhan.

  • Next place your left hand towards the photograph of Shri Mataji and right hand towards the water and move 7 times in the clockwise direction to vibrate the water.

  • After this you can put your feet in the water and begin to meditate.

  • Now you can cleanse your chakras one by one and throw the negative energy into the water and this whole process usually takes about 15 minutes or so.

  • Most people discover it’s much easier to meditate during their footsoak, or afterwards. 

  • After footsoaking rinse your feet with fresh water, dry them (so you don’t slip) and flush the footsoak water down the toilet. Wash your hands. You may also want to rinse your feet again to be sure you’ve removed all the salt.


Similar treatments: Footsoaking in the sea is also very cleansing.  Sitting or walking barefoot on the mother earth can also be quite balancing, as the earth is like a magnet, absorbing imbalanced energy from us, and helping to reduce the tension of stress

As it is said that everyone must go to bathroom and clean oneself after getting up in the morning, similarly, for Sahaj Yogis, it is extremely important to do footsoaking for at least five minutes before going to bed.

However highly evolved you may be, and even if you may not be getting caught, but it doesn’t matter: you must do footsoaking for at least five minutes.

-H.H Shri Mataji

Video showing how to footsoak

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