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Self Realization
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H.H Shri Mataji started  Sahaja Yoga in 1970 and since then has traveled tirelessly across the globe. Her desire to meet the seekers of truth and talk to them about their this profound and subtle knowledge of the tree of life that exists within every human being lead Her to many cities, towns, villages across the continents. Her heart was always looking forward to meet new people and somehow bring their awareness to a point where they can actualize reality and feel the eternal joy by connecting with the All Pervading Power and ultimately to their absolute Spirit.

This was not an easy task for anyone but Her will to give this ocean of joy to everyone surpassed all obstacles. She also emphasized on the importance of setting up a proper audio visual system, only to make sure that this Knowledge of the Subtle is recorded for the use of future generations by which the seekers can connect directly to Her.

Below are a few public program given at different places on different timelines.

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