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Cleansing Right Side

Your right energy channel (Pingala nadi), also called the sun channel, begins at your Swadisthan chakra and travels up the right side of your body, terminating in the ego area of the brain. The ego is the area of your brain that gives you a sense of individualism and self, as distinct from others. It is the ego that allows you to relate to yourself as “me” or “I.” 

Action and planning are essential qualities associated with the right energy channel. They drive your mental and physical activities. However, the demand for energy on the right side can sometimes be so great that the left side is weakened. When this occurs, your desire for joy may evaporate, and you find yourself grouchy and irritable. You may even feel like yelling at everyone or “flying off the handle” when the slightest thing goes wrong. 

Unfortunately, you have likely encountered many stressed out, irritated and agitated people. This is because it can be difficult to maintain a balance of emotion and action when our workplaces and schools are stressful, aggressive environments. It can also be difficult to maintain a peaceful, nurturing home where these imbalances can be corrected. As a result, the negativity, stress and aggression continue to build. Fortunately, awareness is the first step to correcting imbalance. Meditation, and accessing your Kundalini energy to restore harmony, will allow you to do so.

In summary, your right energy channel influences your ability to plan and take action for the future. It also plays a role in negative emotions such as anger, irritability and stress. Your right channel thinks in terms of “I,” “mine,” and “myself.” Overdo any of these and you may become unpleasant to be around. However, your meditation will tell you when your right channel energy is too high and when it’s time to cool down and rebalance.

For those who may be finding difficulty in maintaining a period of thoughtlessness in their meditations is mainly due to imbalance in the second energy center called Swadhiathan Chakra. Very often unbidden thoughts are the result of an over active liver because this chakra has difficulty looking after the liver, when a person uses his/her energy for thinking too much.


A 'hot' liver in Sahaja terms can be remedied by placing an ice pack or other cold pack on the liver on the right side of your body during the meditation. You will find this an amazing effective method of improving the meditation in these circumstances. Also any feeling of heat on the right hand indicates an imbalance in the Sun Channel or the Right Side also can be cleared out by cooling it simply using an ice pack.

Ice Pack

Ice treatment is meant for the right side. Why does this work? The liver supplies the fuel for our thinking, and nowadays, when our minds are often in situations where constant analysis and concentration are required, our livers are more inclined to “heat up” from the extra activity. So overuse of your right side energy channel (e.g., excessive physical activity or too much thinking and planning) creates excess heat, which is stored in the liver. This heat can make you irritable and interfere with your ability to reach — and remain in — the state of thought-less awareness. So the ice treatment simply help your liver to cool down. You should assess your vibration to determine if this treatment apply for you: if you have one or many of these symptoms:

  • Impatience

  • Hot temper

  • Stress

  • Difficulty to maintain your attention while meditating

  • Lots of thinking and planning

  • Sensation of heat in the right hand or right side

ice pack.jpeg

How to use Ice Pack

You hold it on your liver area for 5-15 minutes This treatment can be done at any time (as long as it does not interfere with you digestive cycle: stop the ice treatment 45 min. before eating and do not start the treatment until 2 hours past after the end of your meal). In fact, it’s especially effective during meditation.

Things that help clear your Swadhisthana Chakra:

  • Avoid caffeine

  • Don’t indulge in chocolate

  • Reduce greasy foods

  • Avoid alcohol

  • Drink lots water

  • Eat fruits and vegetables

  • Avoid eating red meat and fish and eat more carbohydrates

  • Avoid eating raw food

  • Eat healthy cooked food

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