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Know Your Chakras: Self Diagnosis

After receiving your self-realization by awakening your Kundalini, you will automatically be able to feel your own chakras on your finger tips and sometimes in your body. In spiritual science of yoga, this is great achievement in the human evolution that opens a new dimension in the human awareness. Its needless to say how easily your own body can diagnose the state of your chakras.

This helps you immensely to know where your kundalini stops and if there is a block that obstructs the movement of your kundalini to rise upwards in order to connect to the all pervading power through your Sahasrara Chakra(7th energy center).

How to Diagnose

You can do the following at home to find your state of chakras.


  • Sit in front of Shri Mataji's photograph and raise your kundalini and give yourself a bandhan(protection)

  • Bring your attention on top of your head(fontanelle bone) by placing your right hand palm and rotating the scalp in clockwise direction for 7 times saying Shri Mataji please open my Sahasrara". 

  • When you start to feel silence within, place your hands with an angle upwards at the level of your heart and ask a question sincerely from your heart thrice saying " Shri Mataji please let me feel the state of my chakras"

  • Wait for a few minutes and observe what you are feeling on your palms and finger tips. 

  • Any feeling of coolness indicates the purity of that chakra and if you feel any tingle or heat or warm breeze then it indicates an imbalance in that particular chakra.


Hand illustrations reflecting a numbered energy center that each finger represents. 

During meditation, you can help your Kundalini to correct problems that cause imbalances or catches in your subtle energy centers that are restricting the flow of energy throughout your body.

Also you must understand the correlation between each finger and its related energy center. Feeling a sensation such as a tingling or heat in a finger or the palm of your left hand indicates that the catch is located in the corresponding center on the left side. If you feel a sensation in the right hand, it indicates that the catch is located in the center on the right side. If sensation is felt equally on both hands, the catch needs to be cleared on both the channels.

Using the Chart of Energy Centers handout, which shows the location of the energy centers on the body, match the number on each finger to its corresponding energy center. When you notice sensation in any finger, you can use the Chart of Energy Centers to identify the attributes or qualities that energy center represents.

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