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How to deal with Insomnia

🍀"What is the cause of Insomnia, and how can it be eradicated.

🌹Shree Mataji: The question is about Insomnia, and what are the deities involved.

Mantra: Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Nidra Rupen Samstitha, Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha

She is the One Who gives you sleep. Is the left side. Mahakali is the One Who gives you sleep. To get to Her you must raise the Mahakali Tattwa.

So all those who have this insomnia business, should raise the left side and put it to the right. Try about 108 times first of all.

Then you have to do some deep breathing. With deep breathing you go to the left side more. With deep breathing you relax. Then put your attention to the Sahastrara, and sleep off.

But insomnia is absolutely curable in Sahaja yoga, if you know how to put left to the right. After that you should also clear out your Agya Chakra.

With your Agya finger, turn the chakra round and round; or ask any yogi to put his finger on your Agya. But it might happen that he will get your insomnia! So the best thing is you use My Photograph and try to turn your Agya Chakra like this.

Also you can put vibrated kumkum, which will make you sleepy. And try to sleep in complete darkness, without any streak of light coming into the room.

Because as long as Surya(Sun) is , your Agya takes over, and when the surya is there the light makes you feel very active, over active sometimes, and you cannot sleep. And this insomnia is absolutely curable, and you dont take any medicines or anything for them.

Another thing, taking tea like this in the night, you might get insomnia. Not Me. But you might get. But normally never take any tea or coffee after 6 o’clock. Never! Make it a point. I also try to do that because, just to give you a lesson, but I have no problem of sleeping. But you should not take any tea or coffee after 6 o’clock. Say about 5 o’clock, afterwards you should not take. You will see that you will sleep very well.

On the contrary, in the West, people always take coffee after dinner. And then they take pill to sleep.

You must take milk. And milk covered with a little butter and sleep with that hot milk, is a very good way of sleeping. If you do not get sleep milk is better."

Vishuddhi Chakra, Delhi (India), Public Programme, 2 February 1983.


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