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What are we seeking

People are seeking and they don’t know what they are seeking. It is a problem to them. They don’t understand why are they so restless, why can’t they understand things, why can’t they sleep. All kinds of problems are there. While they should be at peace with themselves. But, something going on within in the evolutionary process. In the evolution, we have reached up to the human awareness. But there is something beyond that. If so, it is a longing to know what it is, unknown, as to the reason of it, as to the understanding of it. So today I am just going to explain it to you why people are seeking.

People think they are not complete, they are not whole. They think why you are dragged into so many things, for what purpose. For eg. some people are going to different countries, some are taking to drinking, some are taking to drugs; all these things are not convincing and they think that we have to have something beyond in our awareness. Our awareness is not complete. It is, can be said that, the nature itself is trying to work it out within us that we have to evolve more or to become complete. Also, it is that desire which is so strong that we start getting imbalanced, getting into troubles, and taking to things which are not good for our evolution. So we have to evolve that is the point of this seeking that people feel I am a seeker. But these things are not going to satisfy because you see nobody has been satisfied by doing these things.

There is nothing to be done. You have to be silent about it and take to the method of Sahaja yoga. Sahaja yoga is the method by which our pure desire is fulfilled through an instrument we can say or the energy called as kundalini which is in the triangular bone. all the time it is there. all the human beings have this energy in the triangular bone. Now this power is placed in every human being. This is at the base of the spine which is called a sacrum bone. That shows that people knew that it is a sacred bone in Greece and they called in the sacrum bone. the knowledge about kundalini was known to many people before also. but now how to awaken it is possible to be understood through Sahaja yoga.

When this kundalini rises she passes through 6 centres, the 7th centre guards the chastity of this kundalini and when she arises through this 6 centres she enlightens them and integrates them and then pierces through the 7th centre is we call as the last centre of evolution. This centre is placed in the area which was a soft bone on top of your head when you were born. This centre was closed within the growth of the Child. And later on, when the kundalini rises she pierces through this centre emitting cool breeze out of your own head. Could be a hot breeze in the beginning but later on, it goes down. Also, its starts emitting cool vibrations from your hands and fingers. This is not yet complete. you have to practice raising of the kundalini, establishing it permanently till you achieve a state of self-realization. The body is given birth by a body but this is given by the spirit. and that’s why its called as a spiritual energy because it works out your spiritual development. No use seeking here and there and going around into places. Only out have to come to Sahaja Yoga. We don’t charge any money for Sahaja yoga. You don’t have to waste any time without any compulsion, without any force.

Spontaneously this kundalini rises and gives you self-realization. it may not give realization in the beginning to some people. but most of the people get it to amass. Thousands of people have got realization in one meeting. It is very surprising. Nature’s work is completed in this year, in these years of turmoil and trouble. That human being received the gift of peace, of joy within themselves. It is very important that this is the time you have to get it. Because people are so disturbed by the surroundings they have and they start questioning themselves, “Why am I on this earth?”.; and then only this kundalini works out. We have a complete subtle knowledge about ourselves. And you all can know that, perfecting with yourselves with your experience and understanding. You don’t have to make any physical yoga or any mental yoga. It just works out spontaneously, if you are a true seeker. So use going here and there and spoiling your path of kundalini.

Now, what do you do? You just put your hands towards me like that. It might work out even if I am not there. You can also use my photograph. The best thing is to go to the collective and ask for realization. In the collective, you get realization with a big force and the piercing of kundalini is very easy. In any case, try. On my photograph. You put both your hands towards the photograph. And you will get this realization. After so many years of my working, we have to cancel some people who were hypocritical, who were making money out of us, who were trying to create problems, and we have to ask them to go out. They were so dissatisfied with us. They didn’t want to go out. Instead of correcting themselves tried to criticize us. But you understand that whatever is your righteousness, your greatness, your spirit; you can get it in Sahaja yoga. And for that, we should not indict you but surrendering to get that great height of evolution.

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