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Medical Conference, Bucharest, Romania

So all the professors, the Vice Chancellor who was so kind to invite Me here to talk to you about something which is very different, I would say in a way, very different from the medical science I have studied. I would not call it different but it is, I would say, it is the basis of our medicine. For example if you want to treat the tree for its sickness and you start applying things from outside it doesn’t work out so well. It may have reactions also. But if you can somehow go to the roots, then the whole tree can be treated.

Our medical science now, in the modern times, has become very specialized, to such an extent that you may have a doctor for one eye and another doctor for another eye and there is no synthesis. There’s no treatment to the totality of the human being. This leads to problems and has created many kinds of reactions.

So today I’m going to talk to you about the subtle system that is within us. You should not take Me for granted, there should not be any blind faith about it but if it is proved, this hypothesis that I put before you, then as scientists you must keep your minds open and then you can accept it as honest people because it is for the benevolence of yourself, your family, your country and the world at large.

The fundamental thing about us is that we have these seven main centers of energy within us. We know about different plexuses which work on the physical side but the ones which supply energy to these plexuses on physical, mental, emotional side, also spiritual are these centers. Also I would like to tell you about a energy that resides in the triangular bone known as “sacrum”. That means Greeks knew about this bone that they call it as “sacred” bone. Now, this energy is the fifth energy that we have, we should say. We have left and right sympathetic nervous system even autonomous nervous system. They are supplied by two subtle channels on the left and right side. Then we have parasympathetic nervous system in the center. Supposing you are afraid and you run fast in emergency, so your heart starts pumping more blood and you get higher rate of your pulses. As you know that this is done with sympathetic nervous system. But what brings it down is the parasympathetic, cools it down, is the parasympathetic. This parasympathetic nervous system is also supported by another channel.

Now the fourth energy that we have is a energy by which whatever we achieve in our evolution is recorded, that is our central nervous system. This central nervous system has recorded whatever we have achieved up to this human awareness. We have so many types of higher awareness than animals. For example animals don’t understand filth or dirt…they don’t understand beauty, they don’t understand colors. So many subtle things that we understand, animals don’t understand. Of course they have many things built-in them, accordingly they behave. But human beings have freedom.

Now this energy within us is the fifth energy as I call it. We call it as Kundalini in Sanskrit language. Kundalini, because it is in three and a half coils and a coil is called as kundala. It’s called as Kundalini because it is a feminine coiled energy. This knowledge was known in India since long time, that this energy, if it is awakened it passes through six centers and pierces through your fontanel bone area which is the actualization of your baptism and connects you to the all-pervading Power of Divine Love. In Koran they call it “Ruh.” In the Bible it’s called as the cool breeze of the Holy Ghost or all-pervading Power of Divine Love, in Sanskrit it is called as Paramchaitanya. So when we see these beautiful flowers, we don’t even see and never even think that what a miracle it is.

If you ask a doctor who runs your heart he’ll say the “autonomous nervous system.” But who is this “auto”? That question if you ask they can’t answer. There are many things in medical science that we cannot answer. For example anything foreign that goes in our body has to be thrown away, that’s the nature of our body. But when the fetus is embedded in the womb it is kept there and nourished and is thrown out at the right time. So who does that? There are many questions science cannot answer. Because science is amoral, it has created lots of problems. It can produce hydrogen bomb, atomic bomb, anything and no one can control it. So we have to go to something deeper and find out if there’s any solution within ourselves.

Now as I have to talk to doctors, I would like to explain about one center, how it can create problems when it is in jeopardy. As you see, there is left and right, two sympathetic nervous systems. When I was studying medicine that time they didn’t know that they have different functions. But they have absolutely two different functions. The left side caters to your emotional side, the psychology as you can call it and the right side caters to your physical and your mental, means your brain functions. English “mental” word it is ambiguous you know. I mean the activity of the brain and the physical activity.

Now we can talk of the second center because in this short time, whatever is possible, I think I’ll explain about one center. This is very useful for doctors, for bureaucrats, for people who plan, for politicians how one center when in jeopardy, how it can create problems. Now there’s one thing yet not known to the medical science this time: when we think too much, what thing gives energy to our gray cells? We are using the energy of gray cells but who replaces it?

According to Sahaja Yoga it is the second center within us, we call it Swadisthan, which replaces the energy in the brain cells. Now this working takes place like this we can say, the left and the right sympathetic nervous system meet like this and form the center, parasympathetic. And this center is the center of energy. In medical terminology we can say it looks after the aortic plexus. Now this center, when on the right side, it supplies energy to your brain cells when you think too much, or the conscious effort. Now, when you start using this power too much, you neglect other organs which are dependent on this center. The first and foremost is liver. Liver is affected by that. As you know, liver is responsible for taking out all the poison from the body as heat and put it in the circulation of blood. Now when the liver goes out, the heat accumulates in the liver. It starts passing upward.

So we have another center which we call as right heart, which looks after the lungs. So you get asthma. Now in India, one doctor has done research on asthma, with Sahaja Yoga he has proved you can cure asthma completely. So then, this heat can also pass to the heart. Supposing a young man of say eighteen/nineteen, plays tennis, too much physical exertion, drinks a lot, thinks a lot, at that young age he might get a very massive heart attack which is fatal, always. But later on in age also it might accumulate and people can get massive heart attacks, not angina, massive heart attacks. Then it goes further still, that people can get paralysis of the right side.

The latest is yuppie’s disease, I don’t know if you have heard about, yuppie’s disease they call it in America, very common, where the conscious mind becomes absolutely paralyzed because you have used too much of your conscious mind. The brain is in working order, but not hands, feet, nothing, one becomes like a reptile. Very common now in America. And you have to carry the patient like a fish. But he speaks all right, his brain is all right, otherwise he cannot do any action, of walking or …

Now when this heat goes towards the left side of your abdomen it creates another problem -because of the pancreas, it gives you diabetes. Only people who sit on chairs and are futuristic, who are planning, politicians, this that, doctors also, they get diabetes. For example in India, we have farmers who earn their living and then sleep nicely, they are not worried about anything. They are not money oriented, they are not thinking of future, they don’t insure anything and they drink in their tea at least four spoons, full spoons of sugar. But they don’t get diabetes. Never. We have never heard of any case with these farmers getting diabetes.

Then also because of too much attention for thinking, no energy is supplied to your spleen. Spleen is for our rhythm, a speedometer, for our rhythm of life. So these days the modern life is so chaotic. Early in the morning if you read the newspaper you are really shocked. Newspapers always describe horrible things, nothing else. Nothing to soothe you. So, you go into chaos. Then as you know that spleen produces RBC’s when there is emergency. For example, if you are eating your food and just you start running you get pain in the spleen. So, in the morning, people don’t take their even breakfast, just rush somehow or other, because they sleep very late and then they get into the car. In America, I’m told that they even brush their teeth in the car. They have no rhythm of life. Then they’ll see the traffic jam and they are very upset and in their office now the boss is boiling at them. With all this, this poor speedometer doesn’t understand, it becomes crazy.

Of course, the other side how the cancer is caused, I’ve not told you but suddenly the movement goes to the left, some sort of a shock, accident, anything and you develop a very serious disease called blood cancer. With Sahaja Yoga we have cured many people of blood cancer. Then it goes to the kidneys and kidneys also go on late, with the heat and you stop urinating. Then you are put on the dialysis where you just become bankrupt and die. Ultimately you die. There’s no way of saving such people. But with Sahaja Yoga you can. There was a doctor who was expert as he had lots of machines of dialysis. And he got kidney trouble.

So he came to Me, I said, “You can be cured but on one promise, that you will not put people on dialysis anymore because you must admit dialysis cannot cure.”

He promised, he got cured but he’s still using his machines. He told Me he has spent so much money that he has to make money somehow now. He’s so much money oriented, you know. So, lastly is the worst is that lower part of your intestines, also intestines suffer a lot because you get constipation. But the worst type of constipation you can get, piles you can get. In Switzerland I was surprised that in the bread they put something we call as the cottonseed. And actually we give this in India only to buffaloes. I was shocked. Why are they using such a hard thing? “Because,” they said, “we suffer from constipation.” And you know they may start eating grass after some time. So this is the situation with one center and so many diseases are caused, so if you can cure one of your centers, you can cure all these diseases.

Of course about cancer also I would like to tell you in short. As this left and right side meet and form a center – now if you are very futuristic you are using right side too much like this and using the limited energy of your center too much. It could be anywhere, it could be in any center. So you go on using it too much, ultimately it happens that it’s exhausted. And sometimes with some shock or anything it may just break. So there is no connection with the mains. As a result malignancy is formed. The cells become on their own, there’s no connection of control. This I’ve told you in short but cancer is curable through Sahaja Yoga.

Psychologically also many people have been cured. That is the left side. On the left side we have our subconscious of today, subconscious of yesterday, subconscious of our all lives. And we have beyond that is collective subconscious and this collective subconscious has everything that has been created. So many things have died in the evolutionary process, have gone out of the process of evolution. Like there might be some plants which we call as bacteria and all these viruses also, the same. So, once they enter into your conscious mind or conscious side, you get affected. So for cancer, doctors call it …protein 53, 58…, they have given names like that. So in Sahaja Yoga your attention is pulled out from the left side brought into the center. As a result of that you become all right. Also, the highest type of left side affectation is lunacy. Also can be cured.

In this short lecture I cannot give you the list of all the diseases that are curable. But if you have the knowledge of medical science it’s much easier. But the best part of it that when you become the Spirit, when you become one with the Divine Power, then on your fingertips you can feel the centers. There are five, six and seven for the emotional side and again five and six and seven for your right side, meaning for your physical and your… not mental but brain activities. Also the stress and strain you have from these modern times, even ecological problems – you become quite immune to it. That’s another subject, where you become just thoughtlessly aware. The thoughts rise and fall, another thought rises and falls and it comes from either from the future or the past. But when the Kundalini rises then She elongates these thoughts and you stay in the present. You are thoughtless but fully aware and then all the inspirations come in.

The greatest thing is that the database of the genes are corrected with this. We have known many people who were called as very bad people, evil people are completely changed. All your habits which are destructive just drop out because you become the Spirit. Actually you are not this body, this mind, you are not these emotions, your intelligence, your ego or your conditionings, you are the pure Spirit. When you become that, in that light, you achieve tremendous powers. Like many people want to give up alcohol and drugs, they can’t, but overnight they will give up.

It’s like this, supposing there is a snake in My hand and there’s darkness and I’m very adamant and if you tell Me, ” There’s a snake.”

I’ll say: “No, it’s a rope,” because I’m obstinate. But if there is little light I’ll definitely throw it away. In the same way all habits which you cannot fight, just run away. Everything sounds so fantastic, I must say. But you are fantastic.

Like in our country, in a remote village, if you take a television and say, “This box can show you so many things,” they won’t believe.

They will say, “It is just a box.”

We also think we are just boxes. We have no identity. But when you put the television to the mains, then you see how fantastic it is. In the same way we are. We are built-in that way. But when we don’t take to this natural breakthrough of the evolution, also there is ecological problem inside. Yes. Because I’ve seen people with cancer, when they suffer and they take to Sahaja Yoga, the whole room gets heated up without a heater. I mean, even if they are sick, if supposing. Supposing you are feeling any pain here and if with Sahaja Yoga you touch it, it’s very hot. So this is the Cool Breeze, we can call it, has a cooling effect.

Also in the western science there’s nothing for cooling. In Ayurveda they have, some things, not many but we have so they go on heating up – and heated up and heated up, even the brain gets heated up, everybody gets heated up…even the nerves get heated up…and you have no strength left to fight any illness. But this is your own Power. There’s no obligation at all. You feel much younger, very energetic. Now, I’m seventy-three years of age and I travel every third day and I enjoy. So it’s very easy because it’s your own. But medical studies helps you a lot to understand the physical help of Sahaja Yoga. You don’t have to go for diagnosis, when the patient dies half-way when he’s diagnosed – by the time. So is best is to diagnose a person on your fingers, which is absolute knowledge, absolute.

Even if you have ten children and tie up their eyes and ask them, “What is this gentleman suffering from?” they will all say the same thing. Now supposing they show you this finger, so you ask the person, “Do you suffer from heart?”

So he’ll tell you, “Yes, very much, how do you know?”

Now, if you know how to cure yourself, you can cure others also. You can feel the centers of others on your fingertips. They may be anywhere, might be dead even, you can feel. This is a very subtle subject and also very easy. The knowledge is all within yourself but after medical studies it relates to science very clearly. So it’s very useful for doctors. And in a country where we are not so rich like Americans are, we need not waste too much money.

It’s a very large subject and I was telling your authorities that I’ll send a doctor who was the Head of the Physiology, Dean of Physiology from Delhi University, who has written a book on Sahaja Yoga. His granddaughter was dying of kidney infection and she got cured in Sahaja Yoga and his wife had migraine, also she got cured in Sahaja Yoga. So then he started researching Sahaja Yoga. He’s written a very good book and was inaugurated by our President in India.

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