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Sahaja Yoga - The essential medicine

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmaladevi- grandmother, scholar and freedom fighter. As a child she lived in Gandhiji’s ashram, as a student she studied medicine and as cry for freedom swept India she fought for her nation’s independence. The year 1970 was about her most important role. The discovery of development of sahajayoga, a movement which is now spreading in worldwide. Sahajayoga is a science of integration which results in man’s mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. The union of mind heart and spirit is a achieve through the working of a subtle energy system within each one of us. “That you are not this body, this mind, these conditionings, this ego but we are the spirit. You don’t have to accept what I am saying blindly because blind faith leads to fanaticism.

But as scientist you must keep your mind open and see for yourself what I am saying if it is so honestly you must accept it.” In today’s society this subtle energy system which has its origins in very roots of our being has been neglected. It is out of balance. Today’s physical and psychological diseases are gross expressions of a subtle system in dire need of repair and nourishment. Our collective desire of a peace and rejuvenation is a yearning coming from deep within. It is a reflection of our internal condition. “We know so much though science about our civilization our advancement . This is a advancement of a tree which has grown outside very much but if we do not know our roots we will be destroyed. So it is important to know about our roots.

“Within each individual the subtle energy system or subtle body is divided into 3 channels right, left and centre. The right side channel corresponds to right sympathetic chain of the autonomic nervous system and left hemisphere of the brain. While the left side connects to the right hemisphere of the brain and corresponds to the left sympathetic chain. If a person suffers a stroke in the right lobe of the brain it is commonly known that the left side of the body becomes effective. In line with the opinion of the psychologist sahajayoga identifies the right hemisphere of the brain has been responsible for the functions of the lateral, artistic, expressive thinking. Those functions traditionally believed to be more predominant in a females. The left hemisphere corresponds to functions of the linear, computational and mathematical logic traditionally considered to be predominant brain activity in males.

Dr. Carl Gustakh Jung well known analytical psychologist identifies the left and right side as the anama and anami with the collective unconscious lying in the central channel. Through the studies we observe that in every women there is a masculine aspect within her psyche the architect of the animus and for every men the feminine counterpart the anima. Jung was always aware of the imbalance in western culture in favour of the masculine seen in a preference for logic, analysis and external achievement. These are all claims for mascular side or right side of the psyche within all human beings. A right side channel also provides the energy needed for plan, act, analyze and predict. On the physical level it corresponds to liver and pancreas. “This power of action moves on the right side of the spinal cord and coming to the optic chiasma it crosses over; passes to the left side and creates an institution called ego. The institution of ego is a myth. What we do is to get something dead like some trees dead so make some platform or some furniture, we take some stones and make a hall and we think we have done a great job. Actually what we have done is to reconstructed the dead. But while doing it we get the feeling that we have done it something. That is how our ego develops.

This channel on the right hand side caters to your future. So those people who plan too much think too much exhaust the energy of this centre because this centre has the first responsibility to convert the fat cells in the stomach for the use of the brain which is overused to make them into gray cells. So when you start thinking too much it has to work more for this very important function. When it starts working for one function the other functions are neglected and the other functions are it has to cater, to nourish or to give energy to your liver, to your pancreas, to your spleen, to your kidneys and part of your intestine.” Western medicine has followed the path of right side pulling a part dissecting or analyzing with little regard for the whole working mechanism of the human being. “Of course when you neglect your liver you know liver as they say you will live till your liver will allow. Now this liver has to clean all the poison from your body. It comes out as heat and is delivered to the blood stream.

But when this is neglected this poor liver doesn’t know how to function without the energy and all the heat is accumulated in the liver. So a person suffers from liver trouble and symptoms are he gets migraine, he cannot see the sun then also he gets very hot tempered, irritable, angry because there is so much of heat. Then this heat passes; I was telling in Canberra most of the Bureaucrats have this problem because they plan too much and where do we land with that planning oh God all knows. So then this heat passes upward and downward so when it passes downward it gives you a very bad problem of terrible constipation because the heat constitutes your intestine large intestines. It also coagulates your kidneys by which you have kidney trouble you cannot pass your urine. Then you go on the dialysis and you are certified as really dead. Because you cannot last longer. So very expensive treatment but doctors do not tell you frankly that oh, you are not going to live. Then this heat can pass upward and when it goes upward it goes say to your right heart as shown there. As a result of that you develop asthma. Of course asthma is connected also with the left side. So when this triggering is done by the left side then you get this horrible disease called asthma. Then this heat can go upward and can ruin your throat. It can freeze your right arm. It can make your left eye red and also your left ear deaf.

But by chance if such a person is young and using too much physical energy and mental energy as well as drinking a lot he can have a very fatal heart attack very massive one and he may die in very early in age. You must know that all such attacks in young age always are fatal. But when you see to the other side is that there is a pancreas which is neglected as a result of the neglect of the pancreas you develop a disease called diabetes. Even the mothers who are extremely planning type and thinking type give that disease to their children and children are born with diabetes.

Then you have the third problem with the spleen. This is the most dangerous one. Now a days as the life is we are all time bound very particular about time. As a result of that we have become extremely hectic. Supposing if you sleep very late in a night then you have to get up early in the morning somehow. Somehow get into your clothes and run to the office. Don’t even take your breakfast; your wife will give you so on the way in the car you are eating your breakfast and then you read the newspaper. You get a shock of your life because so many horrible things are happening. Newspaper will never give something that is good or is doing well. But something that is gone wrong to give a sensational feeling. It’s just a sometimes horrible thing so early in the morning if you read something that is horrible being a human being then you sometimes shocked. Then you find there is a jam on the way and you get so upset and all your peace is disturbed.

Now this spleen is responsible for creating red blood corpuscles when you are in emergency. You must have seen when you eat your food and you run you get a pain here. That’s because your spleen is trying to pump out new RBC’s. Now to create that poor this spleen has to work very hard but it cannot understand the crazy hectic personality. Every time it tries to cope with it.It goes crazy. So such a spleen becomes crazy and ultimately leads some triggering on the left hand side you develop a horrible disease called as leukemia or blood cancer. also your intestinal problems, the pain in stomach and all that indigestion all go hand in hand only because of the one centre only on right hand side. I have not even described the left side centre.

So if I describe all this the whole Materia Medica will be described. It’s like that. So all the permutations and combinations of these centres give you physical problem then the left side gives you the mental problem.” Jung called the left side the collective subconscious. This side of our psyche is very complex and affects it can have on our physical wellbeing are devastating. “Because as it has been hypothesized in Sahajayoga that there are 7 main plexuses and their functioning is dependent upon the individuals psycho social behavior.

This is advancement in the understanding of psychosomatic medicine and human physiology. For the first time it is possible to find the links between the behavior and the disease. Because up till now it was only thought that stress can cause a variety of diseases from diabetes, hypertension, asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. etc. cancer even. But it was not known why a particular individual will get a particular disease.” “ if you read disease in medical literature you find you could say that it is psychological stress which is responsible for increasing incidence of hypertension in most of the western countries, developing countries as well as the developed countries and we found by our first thesis you see on which work was done that this could be a very important if a person practices sahajayoga this stress factor can be managed very nicely.

Because all the parameters you see for testing whether a person is in a state of stress, tension or anxiety are in his relaxed strain who are done and that we found that a person who do sahajayoga only for 20 minutes a day