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Self Realization is Baptism

The knowledge, gyana, is useless without yoga, without the union with the Divine.

When you get the yoga, also, when you are realised, you get your Realisation, and I do not give you the knowledge, then your Realisation is also useless.

I have seen in this great country many realised-souls are born. They live as realised-souls, they don’t know what are they; they act as spiritualists, they call themselves, whatever people call them. But they are not aware that they are realised-souls! They commit mistakes, they go onto wrong paths, get confused about their Realisation.

So, it is necessary also to know what have they got, what does it mean, how to use it, how to go ahead with it and how to develop.

Many people who have been here in this hall have got Realisation. Once they get Realisation, they feel so satisfied about it that they just don’t come next time. And sometimes, after a year or two years they appear saying that, “Mother, we are again lost.” So, to get Realisation is the most important thing, absolutely important because if you do not start your car, you do not move. You [may] go on describing everything that, “Now here we are on Leicester Square. Now we are here!” But you are not there, you’re just talking.

The car has to move first, has to start and when the car has started then you must also know the roads, how to go. Then the car starts and bumps into something, then you feel that, “What has happened? Our car has started!”

So, these are two things: one is the yoga – is the Realisation, through awakening of your Kundalini and the other is the gyana (knowledge), which is the part which gives you complete knowledge and mastery over your powers.

For example, you go to a house and the lady gives you the keys, “All right this is your house. You use it as you like it.” Say, I come to England and somebody gives me the keys. I don’t know how to use a washing machine! And I don’t know how to use the oven! Though she has given me the keys, I have entered into it, I should know how to use it. I should know also what are the don’ts and what are the dos.

Before entering into the house, what’s the use of knowing, also? Of course, it may help you, if you have a little knowledge about it. But you cannot practise anything because you have not entered inside it. The machinery is not before you, you are not facing it.

So, in Sahaj Yoga one has to first get into [the] Self-realised state and then should know thoroughly how to use that state, or how to be in that state, how to manifest it, improve it and stabilise it. For this you cannot go into courses – that is for definite. “Should we do fourteen courses outside?” Has nothing to do with Sahaj Yoga. You have to get the keys.

Secondly, you cannot pay any money for it, you cannot purchase it.

It is very difficult for human beings to understand this part: that you cannot pay for it. That is one place where you cannot pay and purchase.

It is not that you are going to judge the Sahaj Yoga, but Sahaj Yoga is going to judge you. It’s just the other way around.

It is not that you are going to purchase Sahaj Yoga, but Sahaj Yoga has to purchase you and has to accept you.

It is very easy to do any other nonsense: just you pay the money and you are there enrolled, permanently. You become the member of any group, very easy. And you can club together and be satisfied, “Oh, we are this and that!” You can brand yourself as anything but not as Sahaj Yogis, unless and until you have got it.

It is that essential, that authentic, that intrinsic, that innate, that you have to be that. You can be an Englishman if you get a British passport. You can be a director anywhere if you can qualify for that. But you cannot be a Sahaj Yogi by doing anything that you have been doing to achieve for worldly things or worldly positions, worldly possessions.

We see so many such phenomena in our life that we cannot see or cannot manoeuvre, cannot do such as a flower manifest into a fruit. As we cannot germinate a seed, we cannot do this living thing, which has to be done by Divine power and not by human power.

Once you get it, the Divine power starts flowing through you, then you can also charge the dynamo. There is no false certificate that can be given. You may be having a son who is not realised: you may stand on your head or do whatever you please, you just cannot certify unless and until he has got it.

It is such a strange thing, so unique. But do you know: this is what you are seeking. The rest of the things can be sought. This is the thing which can only be requested for, to be prayed for, to be asked for. You cannot demand it. Only the grace of God can work it out.

Today I happened to read Bible, part of it, and I was amazed how John has revealed so many things about chakras and this; but of course, in a very mystic language. He calls chakras as the plug/plaque in his dream he saw, and the deities as the angels. He has also described the Realisation. It is so wonderful to read it. But only after Realisation you’ll understand, because it’s a very, very deep writing and you cannot read much from it – mystical sounding, vague words.

Now, we are here to seek ourselves. Everybody is floating an enterprise like that, everybody is saying, “Oh, we are here to help you to seek yourself.” I may be one of them, too. Why should you believe me, in any case? The first thought that will come into your mind is, “Why should we believe Mataji?” If you believe in me blindly, it is not going to help me at all. Neither it is going to help me, if you are going to deny. Like a scientist just keep your eyes open, keep your mind open, because this is what you are seeking, not just in this lifetime. You have been seeking for ages and unless and until you get it you are not going to be satisfied, you are not going to find your fulfilment. This has to happen to you.