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Dangers of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is actually the tapping of the power which is already within us. Now for example, you have a certain power in your stomach, and this power is continuously supplied to your other organs in the stomach, and it is used for that, through the sympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic stores it and the sympathetic uses it.

Now supposing there is a disease in the stomach. So now the energy in that which is the vital energy in that particular centre is sort of exhausted or is much less. So what do they (acupuncturist) do? How do they work on that person? Well they take the energy from another centre to divert it, and put it where there is less energy. And that’s how they try to cure that.

But by that they create an imbalance, because you have a limited energy; the energy within you is absolutely limited. Now supposing for example you have limited gas in your car and you find another car with less gas or not gas. Now if you put your gas into the other car, maybe that car will go half way but you will also go half way and the end result is both the cars travel lesser and at the end are out if gas. You understand my point? So both of them reduce their longevity. So the process of extraction of the energy which is within us is very limited.

Sahaj Yoga is a very different thing: in Sahaj Yoga, your Kundalini rises and connects you with the All-pervading Power. And all the time you are getting that power, the vital power within you flowing, and there is no death of that power. It’s all the time flowing like the grace of divine.

But in acupuncture when you tap one energy into another, there’s no proper understanding of how much to give or how much to balance.

Once you are a realised-soul(kundalini awakened), supposing somebody has a stomach trouble, you have to just put your hand on the stomach and the person can get cured.

By doing this you can also cure cancer and you can cure anything because you become the source of that energy and your energy is not limited but it’s unlimited where you are getting energy from the All-pervading Power to which you are connected. So whatever you are doing it’s just flowing through your being and you just become a witness of that power which is flowing.

In this way you don’t have to mismanage or mishandle anybody. You just look after that part of the body which requires energy and you raise the Kundalini and give Realisation to that sick person also and he can also give it to another. He can get completely cured and then he can also cure others.

The tapping of this energy was first started in China when Zen system came into action. Zen in essence is nothing but Sahaj Yoga. But Zen had only twenty-six Kashyapas in six centuries. Kashyapa means realised-soul. And now there are none.

I have met the chairman of the Zen organization. His Kundalini was just frozen there. He coul not get Realisation ! He’s beyond Realisation. He was sick so they took me to him. And he said that, “Yes You have healed me, please give me your healing power.” I said, “You’ll have to take your Realisation!” He said, “How can I be a Kashyapa? There were only so many, how can I be a Kashyapa? I’m not still there…” I said, “You will become. Why don’t you take it?” So, main thing is you first get your Realisation, you get your power within yourself and manifest it into another person.

But it’s like no use putting oil from here to here and there to there. At least let one oil burn: you will have only stomach trouble. And otherwise the whole body will collapse. [That] which was to collapse – say, the stomach trouble is there – then it’s all right. You can continue with the stomach trouble; but if you remove it from your head there, then within say five days everything will be finished. Moreover this type of thing attacks the heart which can lead to heart attacks.

And acupuncture is one thing I have seen: those who take acupuncture are difficult to get Realisation. Even if they get it, it’s difficult to maintain it, because of the imbalances created in the body. We should not create any imbalance in ourselves. At the most if you have to do anything, balance it. Do not create more imbalances.

And this is what is happening with all these things which are done in ignorance. They do not tell you what you do really, they never tell you. Like in TM they don’t tell you what it is. It is nothing but possession. They are possessing you, absolutely they are possessing you. They mesmerise you. They don’t tell you, “We mesmerise and put a possession on you.” If they tell the truth, you won’t pay them any money.Isn’t it? So they won’t tell you. They say it is “transcendental meditation”.

How do you go to trance? Ask any Indian, he’ll tell you. You can only go into trance through mesmerism. Mesmerism comes through only spirits. By spirits, when you get possessed, then only you get into trance. That’s why they are behave improperly and keep jumping around.

Now people are paying for getting convulsions and epilepsy. This look at this Bernard Levin: such an educated man! He writes that if you go to Rajneesh you get convulsions. I mean, then there is even more reason you should not go! You pay to get convulsions and to get epilepsy?

First of all you cannot pay, first of all, if it is real, because it is too real to be bought.

And the second thing is that, whatever you get should transform you completely into a beautiful person. Your health must improve, your mind must improve, you should be a fine person, your temperament must change, your habits must change, your priorities must change, you should be a person who is a master of yourself.

Instead of getting better by going to them or to the guru you become a worse person. That’s what is happening. How can that be?

And this is not to be achieved through rationality because rationality is limited. It’s a state of mind where you jump into it. It’s an actualisation; it happens to you. Something that is actual should happen to you. You cannot just rationalise it by saying, “Oh I am I am God, I am Brahma!” How do you become? Supposing sitting down here, I say: “I am Queen Elisabeth!” They’ll arrest me and put it in the jail.

You see my point? So all these gurus are doing the same thing. And now see you are having problems with that. You can see that. Sitting and all that you are getting all these problems are because of that. Now will you please take to something real.

Woman: What should I take to?

Shri Mataji: You should take to Sahaj Yoga


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