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How realization should be allowed to grow

Now those who have got Realization, those who have felt the vibrations, must know that, they are now developing, into another being. The germination has started, and you must allow the germination to work out its own way. But normally, when we get realization also, we do not realize, that it is a tremendous thing that has happened within us. That this triggering, which is an impossibility, has taken place within us, and it has to work out slowly. It has to develop, and evolve us into that, and because we do not feel it, we do not take it that seriously as we should, our Realization.

Moreover, they are surrounded by people who have not felt the vibrations. They do not know this area, they have never seen it. As Guru Nanak has called it, it is Alakshya [scarcely visible]. They have not seen it, they don’t know about it, they don’t know there is a power of God that exists, which understands, coordinates, cooperates with you, which is working in the collective being, which makes aware, you aware of that collective being and of others also. This Alakshya, or we can call it Aparoksha [perceptible], which is not seen by any one, which no one knows about, they talk about it, they talk about Kingdom of God. They talk about God’s Powers, Divine Power. It’s all talk, talk, talk, talk, talk. But once you are triggered into it, you have to grow into it. Unless and until you grow into it, you’ll be dropped. Specially for people who have come, from fake Gurus and from false things that they have been following, they don’t know how terrible these things are.

Like you are on a crocodile, and suddenly you discover it’s a crocodile, how fast you would run from that? But even the understanding that it is a crocodile and it is going to eat you off, doesn’t come up so easily. So this one doesn’t realize also, as you do not realize that triggering which is the most difficult thing has happened to you, it is difficult. But it has happened to you, you know why it has happened. You take that one for granted and also you take the devils for granted. At least don’t take the devils for granted. Run away from them as soon as possible. Meditate meditate, and try to establish yourself, in the realm of Divine Love.

I say it is Divine Love. You can not understand what is Divine Love is. You cannot understand any human being who loves you only for love’s sake. Just because that person loves you, he goes on loving because he enjoys that loving. In Sanskrit it is called avyaja [natural; simple], that there is no interest, avyaja, it’s just flowing. Even when it corrects you, it corrects you in love. And the protection of Divine Love is the only way you are, germinating. That love gives you that warmth needed, that strength needed, that confidence needed. Everything is given to you by that Divine Love.

So, one has to realize that it is love, and love, and love is the basis of all this creation. God has created this world, this universe, only because He loved, and He wants to bestow this blessing on you because He loves you. But how far you love yourself is the problem. How far you understand yourself is the problem. You do not evaluate yourself, and that is the reason why, though the Kundalini has risen, and you have got realization, your vibrations are flowing, the growth is very slow. Because attention has been outside, and even after realization it is outside. Sometimes it is sucked in, again it goes outside. Then we do not change our old habits at all. We go on sticking to those old habits. Our structure of life, our styles of thinking, continue to be the same. Again we find ourselves lost into the same shambles.

Now Sahaja Yoga gives you Realization, alright, but also it gives you a long rope to hang yourself, if you do not pay heed to yourself and to your being, if you don’t love yourself, and understand that you are the instrument of God by which for the first time you are going to give Realization to people, you are going to save people from getting drowned, and this is the first time you are made like that. This capability you never had and no human beings have, which you have got now today.

Very few people had this capability – very, very few people. But now you have got that capacity, and you do not want to evaluate yourself how important it is. If you could realize, then you would work it out, allow the blossoming to come up. On the contrary I find, today because you are all Sahaja Yogis I can talk to you like this, normally it is about Kundalini and all that, but I find that, you do not see the movements of your Kundalini. If you try to understand that She’s the one who loves you the most, because She is your individual Mother and, if you try to follow Her you will see, that She’s suggesting where is the problem with you, what you have to correct, what you have to do. Because She wants to perfect you. She wants to help you.

So if you start watching it, carefully, with love, with understanding- She’s very playful, extremely sweet, full of beautiful plays like a little child. She will tickle you here and there, call for your attention. She doesn’t trouble you. You have to be just alert about Her, and She really matures you. You have seen people with time how they have matured. But you have to pay attention, to Her and to yourself, otherwise what is your value, without enlightenment? What is the value of a human being without enlightenment?

What is the use of having human beings if they are not enlightened? What is the use of this instrument if it is not put to the mains? The rest is all useless, isn’t it? And it is you who have to, raise the people. You have to enlighten the people, as we have some gas lights, you see. A man runs up to the gas lights to lighten them. He only has the power or capacity to do it. So he runs up the street, lightening all the gas lights. It is he who has to do, he is appointed for that.

Sahaja Yogis must realize what is their value, what have you made out of Sahaja Yoga, how many people have you saved, how many people you have helped. Instead of your own problems are so many and you are creating problems for others by talking, by discussing, by arguing. You can not discuss it out. You must know. You can not argue it out, it has to work by itself. By arguing, discussing, fussing, judging, confusing yourself, you create a problem for your Kundalini to work it out. Are you not seeking your Spirit? Are you not worried about the salvation of your own Spirit? If so, what are you doing about it? That’s the most important thing. I think everybody realizes this, that only achieving Self Realization is not the end of it, because it’s just the sprouting that has started. You have to go further, you have to have compassion for others who haven’t got it as yet. You have to think about them, you have to give it to them, work it out, put all your minds to it. But still I find people are busy with other things. They go back into the same circle. You should be busy I don’t say that you should not do something for your living, you have to do it.

This is one thing very important for us to know, that we have to work it out. We have to allow it to grow within ourselves. But I mean if you say that, “Mother, we have all faith in You, that’s all.” That’s not sufficient. What faith do you have? What do you mean by “faith”? It is such a vague term, what is faith after all? Have you ever analyzed the word “faith”?

Some people think that: “We have all faith in Mother. If we sing Her praise, finished”. For that, one has to reach a certain stage, like Adi Shankaracharya had reached. Have you got faith in yourself, is the point. Who is having faith in Me? Is the one who has no faith in oneself. You have to have faith in yourself and in all your fellow being, all this other Sahaja Yogis. I have already told you that Sahaja Yoga is not going to work out individually. Anybody who thinks that, “I am something greater than the others” is a gone case.

Nobody should work Sahaja Yoga for oneself in that way. You have to work collectively for every one of them. Any one of you who thinks that you have something higher than the others have, you are sadly mistaken. It’s like one eye saying that, “I am higher than the other”, or one nose saying, “I am higher than the eyes.” Everything has its own place in the body of Virata, and everybody is so important, as well as, dispensable. You know what happens in Sahaja Yoga very common in India, not so much here, I mean Indians do this way. They have certain very good points like, I mean wherever I go I find them very much matured and very much developed, because they are not such thinkers as you are. You are great thinkers, visionaries, intellectuals, you see. And I was thinking all the intellectuals will be developing a horn here like this after some time [Shri Mataji laughs], and when you see them you’ll know that these intellectuals who are denouncing God and denouncing all His ways, they are not intellectuals I would say, to that extent. But they fail in certain things, while you fail in certain things. They always had this kind of a thing that somebody came up like a one man, he said, “No, I am something great,” you see. Then, he says, “I am this, I am that.” Goes on with this kind of harping, and he shows down other people. And then suddenly, such a person is brought down, and the people are shocked. “Mother, how- what happened?” You cannot, you see if you have to even pull a dead carpet like that, you can not pull one side of it, you have to carry the whole. Only one person can not shoot off, in the whole game. Now you take My position. Yes I know I have all the powers, everything is there of course. I am supposed to be, much higher and all that – supposed to be, I should say. But confronting you, I have to come down, I have to fight the way with you up, the hill. Every step, we have to go together hand in hand. You know that.

Somebody’s some chakras are catching. All right so I put My Chakra into play. It works out. It works out that way, but you know that how much I have to struggle, how much I have to work hard. It’s a task, giving Realization.

My Kundalini doesn’t need anything, you know that, but still She has to carry your heavy ku