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Ushering In The Satya Yuga

Human beings have various sources through which he constructs the picture of God Almighty. His ideas about truth are also based on these different sources. Before realization it is .not possible to know what is the real source and which is the imaginary plight. When people construct on their own and write books it gets confirmed by the masses as the authentic version.

For a real seeker it is necessary to open the mind to receive the light of self-realization. He should not discard or accept anything before the self-realization. Because none of the knowledge whether real or fake has granted self-realization. About Kundalini and spiritual happening also there are many books. Some of them are correct, some of them confused and some of them are absolutely false.

When one. gets realization the being acts like a computer as if the inner subtle mechanism has been connected with the mains. Through vibrations of chaitanya which appeal like cool breeze one can detect for oneself as to what is reality. The Being realizes that it becomes the carrier of the dynamic force of Divine Love. He understands and records its working. Then only one realizes the meaning of human personality which has evolved from an amoeba to this stage. The totality of man is felt through the spiritual synthesis of physical, emotional and mental beings.

And, if it works like child’s play why should you worry how it’s done? If you are hungry you should start eating. I leave it to your wisdom and to your freedom to feel the longing from inside.

Sahaja Yoga is the fantastic gift of Nature that has revealed truths for the emancipation and evolution of the human race. So far our evolution has taken place without our knowledge, but the ascent of man now is going to be in his full awareness. In thousands of years man could not reach the moon, but to-day it is possible. The ignorant do not believe of the human landing on the moon. In the same way those who learnt about God through books, and not through Sahaja meditation, are equally ignorant. They have always denied incarnations, real prophets and real gurus.

On the tree of life there might have been very few flowers, but now the blossom time has come. Their fragrance of longing has collectively materialised the manifestation of Sahaja Yoga. Many are going to jump into the realm of Thoughtless Awareness where you get introduced to yourself and start identifying with your Universal Nature. Let us open our hearts and receive the blessings of God Almighty. Through Sahaja Yoga only can the Satya Yuga be felt in the human heart.

H.H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi

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