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Spirit is like the Sun

Joy has no duality. It does not have happiness and unhappiness. It should never be confused with pleasures. Because the pleasure that looks today the pleasure, tomorrow will turn into remorse.

The joy is absolute and eternal. It does not change. Only thing that, how far we have been able to allow the Spirit to shine in our attention, and how far we have been able to get rid of our misidentification is the important point. Today I made an analogy of the sun to the Spirit. The sun is shining by itself, it doesn't need enlightenment. By itself it is there. But to get the sunshine in the atmosphere we have to remove the clouds, because the clouds are superimposing upon the sun. The clouds that are superimposing cannot engulf the sun, because sun is detached from them. Only the clouds can make the atmosphere dark. In the same way when we have superimpositions of our ignorance upon the Spirit, then there is darkness in our life and we are in confusion.

Whatever we achieve through our mental projections can create those clouds. Also our conditionings can create these clouds. For example, say we are born in France. So we think we are French. Then anybody who is not French is not good. Same with Indian - if they are born in India, they think the rest of the world doesn't exist.

Then these identifications start becoming even smaller and smaller and smaller up to this point that we say that we belong to this road, then to this family, then myself. All these misidentifications with the names, with the so-called powers, with the so-called ideas about our history, all these things are nothing but conditionings.

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