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Too much thinking causes Diabetes.

Now, many people believe sugar gives you diabetes - it is not true. Sugar doesn't give you diabetes. What gives diabetes is too much thinking. Those who do not think too much never get this disease. The farmers from India who usually take lots of sugar never get diabetes - they don't even know what disease is this. Because we think too much, we work too much, this center called Aortic plexus which is the second energy center works too much. Its primary function is to actually create food for the brain by replacing the brain cells. For that it creates out of fat the new cells, the evolved cells, like grey cells. Due to excessive load on it which is mainly because of our overthinking it begins to neglect the other functions of other organs such as spleen and pancreas. And when it neglects the pancreas you get diabetes.

Sugar is food of your Liver. If you have sugar it converts it into fat and uses it to make the cells for our brain. But if we think too much and also don't take sugar it's a double load on this energy centre resulting in imbalance. One has to understand that too much sugar is of course not good, but must take a little sugar, because sugar is needed - and at the same time also we must try to stop your thinking. How do you stop your thinking? Only by rising above the Agnya Chakra which is the sixth energy center. This is a very important point at Agnya that you must know that the thinking can be stopped here.The thinking process is like a wave. It arises a thought and then falls off. Another thought rises and falls off. In between there is a space called as Vilambha.

Now, when the thought rises it automatically falls out. You can see the rising of the thought, but not falling off. Now, this space is the place of present. This rises either from the ego or super-ego and goes into the past. But in-between there is a gap (space )is the Present. So a thought comes either from the future or from the past. But we have to increase the space between these thoughts which is the present. When it increases then what happens is that Agnya chakra opens more - and you become thoughtlessly aware. You become thoughtlessly aware, you come in the Present. There is no thought which actually is a barrier between the creation and ourselves.

For example you look at this - say, a beautiful stone that is placed there or anything. You watch it. Now, if you want to think, "Oh, it looks like a man, it looks like a devil or it looks like a God" or whatever it is. There is a thought you've put in. So, what you do when you are realized you just watch - you watch. And whatever the joy is put there of the creator, of an artist, completely is within you, because there is no thought. There is no wave, there is no disturbance in a completely silent lake. All that is around it, all that creation comes into it, absolutely reflected and you enjoy it in thoughtless awareness - called as Nirvichara Samadhi. There is complete Nirvichara, where you have no thought and you start enjoying that creation - complete the joy is there, nothing is left. So, the thoughtless awareness comes in when the Kundalini crosses this Agnya chakra. It does double work. First it makes you thoughtlessly aware. Secondly because the Kundalini, if it has pierced through it pushes it and She fills this with vibrations . When the vibrations come in, you start relaxing and this energy centre also relaxes. These energy centres are in a tension. And when the vibrations come in, they go back into normalcy . So, there is more - sort of - expansion and the thoughtless awareness starts establishing itself at the Agnya chakra. Now, the mantra of Agnya is the Lord's Prayer. It has got two sides - Ham and Ksham. Ham means "I am" and Ksham means "I forgive". So, if supposing this is catching or you can say blocked, you have to say, "I forgive". If there is Ego within us you should say, "I forgive". If there is super-ego within us you should say, "I am the Spirit ,I am!" So, it is Ham and Ksham, is the Bija, is the seed. Is a seed of the prayer - Lord's Prayer.

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