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Mind is nothing but bubbles of Thoughts

Most people don't know what is this mind. It is very easy to understand for Sahaja Yoga practitioners that we are the ones who react, react to everything that is outside. The reason is we have two horrible tendencies, one which is an ego, and another tendency is that we are being trained that way, or we can call it the superego or the conditionings. So, both the things, our ego and conditionings, are all the time acting outside. This reaction, which is built-in within us, is just like bubbles in the ocean. And these bubbles keep us away from reality. These bubbles are of thoughts, and they just blast you all the time in your head, and you don't know why they are coming.

When you depend on this artificial mind then you have no discretion as to understand what is good and what is bad. This mind is the one where all kinds of evil things start, all kinds of quarrels, fights and - possessiveness, lastly the war also comes there.

It is in this mind only, which is nothing but a myth, all these concrete, destructive ideas, somehow or other come up, and then they start growing and growing. Then you find people whom you can impress also, put ideas into their heads - by reading, they learn, or by their lectures, or by mesmerism, whatever kinds of things they can do. They put your mind into such a frame that you accept these destructive ideas, for yourself individually, or maybe for the collective. So this mind is just a myth and we are working through this mind. We are all the time satisfying ourselves by saying, “Oh, that's my mind, my mind wants it.”

You see, like one Indian Sahaja Yoga practitioner went to America, and he told Me that, ‛Americans are maneuvered.“ Maneuvered means they are mad after their mind. I said, ‛What do you mean?“ He said, ‛I gave money to my wife to buy one bush shirt for me. She went and bought some skirts. And she has many skirts, but she bought some skirts. So I asked her, ‘Why did you buy the skirts?’ (Shri Mataji laughing) So she said, ‘My mind said that, ‛you should buy the skirts“, so I bought skirts’.“

So, this is what it is, that the mind can take you to all kinds of wrong things because it has no connection with reality, firstly, and secondly it is a mythical thing, absolutely mythical.

You see, people think that whatever they have created, it is out of their mind. Is a wrong idea, absolutely wrong idea. All great scientists, say – Einstein has said that, ‛I was tired trying to find out the Theory of Relativity, very tired.“ He had some concept, like all scientists take up some sort of a concept, and they tried to build up their research on that, ‛And then I thought, it’s a wrong concept that I have taken up. Suddenly“, he said, ‛I went into the garden, I said let’s try and play with the soap bubbles.“ He was playing with the soap bubbles like a small child, ‛and suddenly, from somewhere unknown“, he says, the Theory of Relativity dawned upon him. Many scientists have said that – that they don’t know from where they get this idea. From where did they get it? It has a special – study now people are doing to find out how these scientists got these things.

And in a very Sahaj manner, even the way penicillin was discovered, or anything was discovered by these people, was not through the probing or manipulation of the mind, but through some unknown force it came into their mind, and that’s what they thought, that this was from their mind, some – some. But most of them realized, even Newton realized that, ‛It is coming from something, some source which I am not aware of.“

As Sahaja Yogis you know it is the Source of the Divine Power, which is all-pervading, the Paramchaitanya. You know, because you can feel it, you know it is there. But, even when you know, you must know you have to go beyond your mind into thoughtless awareness, minimum. Always I tell you, ‛Meditate, meditate“, because you should be in thoughtless awareness, where you do not react. So, what happens, you become a witness, you become the witness of the whole drama, of the whole scene, and you are absolutely at ease with yourself, no problem. And what you are doing that you become an instrument of this Paramachaitanya, of this all-pervading power. You are just watching, you are a witness, and as watching everything, you realize that whatever you watch cannot react on you. But you know what it is, and this is what is the state in which you understand the reality of the whole situation.

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