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All about the first energy center.

The first center in Sanskrit is called as Mooladhara chakra and Kundalini which is the resident consciousness in the triangular bone called as sacrum. It is the pure desire power that has not yet been awakened and is not yet manifested within you, which resides at the bottom of the spinal cord waiting for a moment to arise and to give you your second birth or your baptism and makes you at peace giving you your self-realization.

This pure desire is to be one with your spirit. This, unless and until it is fulfilled those who are seeking will never be satisfied whatever, they may do. Now, this center is very important because this was the first center that was created when the Pyramidal Being started doing the job. This is the center of innocence that is holiness. First thing that was created was the holiness on this earth. This center is very important in all human beings, because animals have innocence, they have not lost it while we have or we can say we have a freedom to abandon it. We can do it, we can even destroy it by our so-called ideas of freedom.

Now this center has a power to give us wisdom. Wisdom is such a word that cannot be explained easily as it is the balance between your understanding of what is good and what is bad. Where you really understand what is good for you, for your spirit; is wisdom, and when this center is alive and is not destroyed then you really know what wisdom is. For example, a person who has got this center very well doubled up can tell you the directions whether it is north or south, because the magnetism that is in the Mother Earth constitutes this energy center and is made by the element of Mother Earth. So the magnetism that is in the Mother Earth is there present in this center. When the birds fly all the way from Siberia to Australia; they do it with the help of this center, because they know whether they are moving northward or southward. They have an innate wisdom to know which way to move and that’s why one should know that this center is also within us but have lost our sense of judgement because we have lost that magnetism within us.

An innocent person is really like a magnet and it attracts, he attracts the people towards himself, just like a flower attracts a bee towards itself. There are some fishes in which they have found actual magnetic field and in some of them they have even found a regular magnet placed in certain fishes by which they know, whether they are going north, south, east or west.

This center in us can be destroyed by various ways. The blue line coming down shown in the subtle system is the power of our desire by which we desire; is the emotional side of a human being. When a person neglects his emotional side or does not respect his emotional side, then this center gets lost. It gets very much destroyed. The emotional side in these modern times is not well understood by human beings. I’m sorry to say but it is very true that when you destroy this center, first thing that sets in is impotency on one extreme and on the other extreme because of the over activity of this energy center a personality of the rapists are created; due to this center being neglected.

Now, those people who say that you can be enlightened through sex are really insane, because Kundalini is your Mother sitting down there; She is only your Mother, She has no other child and She is the holiest of holy. She is the holy Ghost within you and if there is an idea of sex on your Mother, its very harmful. In India it’s impossible to understand this nonsense. It is the same insult to your own Mother. Like some people try to insult Mother Mary by putting Christ in a very awkward situation with Her. It’s something like that we can say happens when you start talking like this. It’s a very great sin to do such thing to your own Mother, which is the Kundalini and that why the other day I told you, I have seen some people have Kundalini which is all the time tossing her head and breaking Her whole body and just feeling so helpless because She’s made so weak because the holiness from a person is vanished. Our idea of holiness has become so perverted, so perverted and to add up to that we have now gurus to tell us that it’s a very good thing to do, you’ll go to heaven. Actually they are very honest they say you’ll go to bottomless pit and bottomless pit means hell.

Why do you need a guru for this, actually you have mastered this art. I mean, in England when I went I was amazed that they have sex about, I mean they talk of sex and sex and sex, morning till evening I don’t understand. Like all important people talk, you see. That’s how they go on talking about sex, all the time, it’s nothing but sex it’s so filthy, so filthy. They talk sex with the animals, sex with the children. I don’t know what’s happening to human beings, how can we be that filthy? How can you talk of these things, how can you discuss these things which are so private, and so sacred, and that’s how you lose them or you, lose over them.

This is one of the things that’s happening to us because God has given us freedom within, we can do what we like. But we have lost our wisdom to understand that these things are injurious. If it is not we logically then, we can say, why do we develop diseases. With free sex, all the sailors you know under law have to have in every port arrangements for getting injections for all kinds of complications that they have from sex life. Why is it you do not feel healthy every minute? You’ll lose all your health, all your charm is gone from your face, sunken and look so horrid. Is a very good sign, just now to see how nature reacts with it. So one has to be wise to understand that God has given us this thing to us not to be insulted but for us to lead a good, normal, good married life, and not to waste our energies in this absurd kind of thing.​

​But when people start thinking about it then it’s even worse. Then what happens, that this shifts from there the attention onto the other side and it goes to the yellow side, goes to the brain. When you start thinking about it, definite it is that you’ll become umpteen definite no doubt at a very early stage. Because it is spontaneous. And when you start thinking about it, when your eyes starts roving here and there be sure your attention is gone to something which is so localized which is so different and which takes place only at a time when you are at a certain emotional spontaneity.

It’s very out of date, talk of these things to people but if you are not careful about it you have to find out the statistics of American young people and you will be amazed how many of them are suffering from horrible diseases. When I went to America, I found that nine out of ten young people who came to me were suffering from these horrible diseases and most of them were impotent. It’s a shocking truth. One has to face it as it is, and not to say, ‛Oh I’m alright, I’m alright“, this is not the way to look at things, we have to see the statistics, that are being placed before us, and to know that there is something wrong about it and with your wisdom you have to reach certain conclusions about it.

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