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 Research & Benefits 

Sahaja Yoga employs scientific and anatomical knowledge of the human body to harness a powerful energy present in each human being. This energy is called the "Kundalini". It is a compassionate, innocent and motherly energy, lying dormant at the base of one's spine.


The Kundalini works by stopping unnecessary thoughts of the past and future afflicting one at all times. By bringing the seeker "in the moment", this energy soothes restless minds and corrects the emotional, mental and physical imbalances that arise as a result of today's chaotic lifestyles.


Kundalini awakening (called Self Realization across ancient cultures), empowers the individual to integrate his/her strengths. One feels strong, positive and nimble to handle the challenges that the day brings. Sahaja Yoga is always taught free of cost worldwide and Shri Mataji has designed it to fit in with today's busy lifestyle. It takes about 10 minutes to awaken the Kundalini and for the seeker to reach a blissful state of meditation, while remaining completely aware and in control of his/her surroundings. The mind and heart become clear, feel light and strong to focus their energies on the task at hand.


Among the many trends in alternative medicine, groundbreaking research brings to the forefront of the scientific community a revolutionary and truly holistic method: Sahaja Yoga.


Its benefits have been confirmed by many clinical case studies and experiments in Asia, Australia and Europe. This unique approach is now available to the American medical world as a viable and verifiable answer to some complex maladies facing modern medicine.


Sahaja Yoga is a cognitive therapy as well as curative breakthrough:


  • It enables the individuals to intervene on the central nervous system and the state of their centers and channels of energy (chakras).

  • It gives access to a subtle form of energy, kundalini. This energy can be accessed through almost effortless, natural techniques to bring balance and health in one is mind, body, and emotions.

  • It raises the human awareness to a new dimension of collective consciousness which enables the individual to feel the energetic state of another person and help in improving it.


Some of the research confirmed benefits of Sahaja Yoga:


  • Improved physical, mental and emotional health

  • Stress management

  • Positive role in prevention of cardiovascular diseases

  • Treatment of epilepsy, high blood pressure, and bronchial asthma


Stress Reducer

Sahaja Yoga aims at achieving holistic health care for people with meditation. A person could attain a peaceful state of mind and still stay alert. "One feels compassion for humanity and is able to let go of anger, hatred, fear, resentment and other negative traits that inhibit a person's growth,'' says Shri Mataji.


In the book, "Stress Management through Sahaja Yoga", it has been explained that the left sympathetic nervous system, represents the power of desire of an individual, while the right represents power of action. "And it is the left side that you can control" its written, adding that there should be a balance between the two.


The human tendency to brood over the past and to feel bad about the past is inconsequential. "If you feel bad, you torture yourself. Learn to stay in the present and stay balanced,'' Shri Mataji says.


Most of us spend a lot of time at work and we all dream about a workplace where we could deal with enlightened people, integrate work and family life in a balanced and dharmic way, and (bottom line) enjoy what we do and the environment in which we do it.


The reality shows that conventional management practices no longer work. What is more, employees and managers are more and more stressed and are looking for solutions to their problems.


The good news is than an increasing number of business people are aware that the rational has its limits and that the solution may come from very different directions such as the spiritual path and Sahaja Yoga in particular.

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